Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People with sun in Aquarius and Aquarius rising are most famous for their charity. No matter what, they are always willing to stand up for others. Their social behavior couldn't be more pronounced, which is why the Aquarius sun with Aquarius rising always make sure to retain their independence. You can always ask the advice of the double Aquarius individual and get a lot of helpful tricks without hesitation. Therefore, many people purposefully make friends with an Aquarius sun with Aquarius ascendant, because they enjoy being around such a helpful character. But learn more about their characteristics now.

An infectious „Can do“-attitude

It is their great charity and their playful manner that makes the Aquarius sun with Aquarius ascendant the perfect friend. No matter if friends, acquaintances or family members, these people stand in for everybody and love to give them a ride to into their universe of fantasy, sharing their minds. This is what creates the fascination of the Aquarius sun with Aquarius rising and why so many people seek the double Aquarius out as a friend, as nobody has their amount of fantasy and visionary thoughts. Both men and women of the Aquarius sun with Aquarius ascendant, regardless of their charity, cherish their independence as they have and need their visions, and it is easy for them to to infect their environment with their ideas and their zest for action.

Consciously choosing friends

In the constellation of the Aquarius sun with Aquarius rising the typical character traits of the Aquarius man or woman are extremely pronounced by nature. man or woman who are born in this astrological mix are unshakeably idealistic persons who strive for reforms in order to make the world a bit better every day. It is the wealth of ideas that drives them into something new again and again, encouraging these people to aim at every conceivable reform. These individuals are out to turn everything tipsy-turvey in order to effectuate really profound changes. Aquarians with Aquarius rising are utterly social individuals. According to their idea of a perfect world, every human being should have plenty of whatever they need, and to be able to live independently and consequently to their own inclinations. Double Aquarians reveal a huge amount of charity but stay at the same time emotionally rather unconcerned with this attitude being simply the outcome of their idealistic world view. Aquarians with Aquarius ascendant can always be asked for advice, even if their advice will first appear to be rather strange, so that their environment should not be surprised. This is just because the unconventional Aquarians simply think different. After close inspection, their advice happens to be more than met the eye at first. These individuals try to avoid that friendships develop into constraining bindings, something that has top priority for them. Free will is the key to their friendship. Thus, the Aquarius people stand for freedom, equality and brotherhood, values these persons also expect from their friends.