Capricorn Sun Capricorn Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics and Appearance

Great ambition is the key word for people born as Capricorn sun, Capricorn ascendant, thus it should be no big surprise that determination and patience are doubled in the double Capricorn. These character traits surely help in climbing the career-ladder. Their private life and relationships are of minor importance to the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant which leaves their mates with a feeling of being neglected. Once the heart of the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant is conquered, however, their mates will find the most loyal and devoted partners, sharing true love with the soulmate. This is true for both men and women. Patience should be a quality the mate-to-be brings along for this is essential in a relationship with the double Capricorn man or woman for they take things very slowly and are far from being flexible or quick in their decisions. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Profession has priority over love

Determination and patience are the main features of the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant. Thus equipped, Capricorns with Capricorns rising have the best prerequisites to a great career. Interpersonal relations however are not that easily managed by Capricorns with Capricorn rising because these people tend to block others emotionally and stay at a distance, denying their feelings. Instead of listening to their heart, Capricorns with Capricorn ascendant believe in reason and thus neglect taking emotions into account. Love matters are decisively subdued by people born in this constellation for their job being the highest priority. Double Capricorns are convinced that love has not much use in achieving any aim. Sentimentalism is thus totally alien to the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant, and their partners should therefore be equally rational people who do not need too much emotionality and closeness for this will not be the case with a double Capricorn as a mate. This doesn't mean however that these people don't know love at all. Once they found someone worth their love, they will surely open up, loving their mates truly.

Tenacity and perseverance

As in all cases of identical sun and rising the astrological combination of the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant also highlights the character traits that are given by nature to all Capricorn people. Not only their looks but also their personality are really Capricorn-ish due to the doubling effect of their astrological sign which is why everyone knows exactly where to put these fellows. Thus equipped, Capricorn people with Capricorn ascendant are really thorough and utterly ambitious in all their actions, pursuing their goals well thought out. Capricorns get at their goals with the tenacity and perseverance Capricorns are famous for, which results in their career developing in a much slower pace but nevertheless steadily growing. Their environment has to take efforts getting close to the Capricorn sun with Capricorn ascendant, for this sign rather stays at a distance than to openly show their emotions. Capricorns with Capricorn ascendant truly rely on their reason because they are not used to listening to their hearts. It is more important for this sign to gain recognition on the job and for their achieved objectives than to prosper on the emotional side which is why career matters are number one in the Capricorn with Capricorn ascendant's life and always of more importance than a mate or even the family.