Virgo Daily Horoscope for 20. September for free

Virgo are irritated about the behaviour of a friend and this experience could seriously harm their relationship. Especially Today you mustn't let your guard down because this person is trying to play you. Ask yourself if he/she still qualifies as a friend or rather as an enemy.

Virgo are favored by Lady Luck who has reserved a seat for them on the sunny side of life Today. You feel great and your physical and mental state is just splendid. Enjoy the positive vibe and focus on all the good things around you.

Today is an ideal time for Virgo to close new deals. The stars are good for new business.

For singles impatience is now a bad advisor. Don't let anything persuade you and don't think you have to get there this week. Enjoy the small steps that bring you closer to love.

Your financial planning should now be above all practical. You should always think about unforeseeable expenses. Please avoid any risks in the near future.

Right now, it's better to avoid certain people more. Especially in school you are easily provoked at the moment and so you only harm yourself. Try to be smarter than the others and just avoid them.

Energetic and active you face the world. Anyone who restricts you in your free space, does you wrong or otherwise offends you must expect a violent reaction. The children have to understand that, too.