Leo Daily Horoscope for 21. September for free

Leo stand by their sweetheart very firmly Today and give him/her all their love, which is being reciprocated with the same emotional commitment and appreciation. Be happy to have Lady Luck on your side.

Leo are in a foul mood because they feel bored and uncomfortable, but that's all about yourself. You could easily change your state of mind by becoming more active Today. Your friends are waiting already for you to come forth again.

Leo have been thinking for a while about ways to improve their workflow. Today is the time to put them into practice.

It is quite possible that singles will now encounter the great love of life. Therefore you should not close your eyes and pay attention to signs. Spend the evening with good friends and don't miss the chance to meet your dream partner.

You're welcome to indulge yourself with a small purchase. As long as nothing is of really great value and it is not necessarily a piece of furniture, you can start a small shopping tour.

Somehow you have the feeling that everything is over your head and people expect too much from you. Just have a talk with your parents and tell them what you feel and think.

Your entrepreneurial spirit will be rewarded with intensive discussions and exciting experiences. But be moderate, you tend to overestimate your reserves. And above all, you should not forget that you are also needed as a mother.