Aquarius Daily Horoscope for 22. September for free

Today Aquarius shouldn't allow anyone to make them believe they are not right in the head and have strange ideas about life. Keep cherishing your dreams, but try not to get obsessed with them.

Aquarius tend to enjoy life in an almost epicurian way, which without a doubt is a lot of fun and a good mood booster. Nevertheless your body needs to rest once in a while and so you have to make sure to get more sleep and to bring more balance into your life Today.

You better be prepared for some hassle at work right now, but you should remain firm and courageous as you move through it. There is no way around it, but the good news is that that the storm will blow over soon.

Singles are open to all possibilities at the moment. You have more chances with the opposite sex than you think. But always nice and slow and make your choice carefully.

Now is not the time to waste waiting for better moments to close a deal.

You have a very idealistic attitude and want the world to be great, good and beautiful. You wish people to be good and noble and you are disappointed when that is not the case. That's normal for a teenager, and you know you have a lot to learn.

It is not always easy to organise work and family life in such a way that none is neglected. Now you are in an objective mood in which you can objectively weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your family about your role as a mother and how to make it better.