Capricorn Daily Horoscope for 22. September for free

Today Capricorn are struggling with boredom which makes them grumpy and moody. However, this could be different if you did something about it. Just rely on the help of a good friend and the situation will change.

Capricorn have to realize that good looks need to be worked on. If you don't take care of your appearance, it's not a wonder that no one will take notice of you. Use the opportunity Today to indulge yourself with every beauty treatment in the book. It'll help you feel good from inside too.

Capricorn should remember to rely more on their indivudual strong points again Today. It will help you focus on your own goals.

You love not only life, but even more your freedom. Going out, meeting people and having a lot of fun are just part of it. That's why you don't get stuck.

Your finances currently look a bit weak, but soon a smile will be conjured up in your face, because unexpected money is coming to you. But don't spend all the money again, divide it up.

You feel like someone in your class is mad at you? Talk to her or him about it in any case. When you have cleared all misunderstandings, you are ready for a great new beginning. But don't ignore this problem and get rid of it quickly.

Thought, said and done. Under this motto you are motivated for actions that require an alert mind. Idea and execution are close together, so that you can easily act impulsively. But this is exactly what you should avoid as a mother, otherwise it could cause trouble.