Aquarius Daily Horoscope for 23. September for free

Aquarius better don't rely on any rumours Today but make sure to verify things for themselves instead. You have to distinguish meticulously between tattle and truth because if you don't, you could easily get into trouble.

Aquarius should listen to their inner voice Today, which is calling out for some distraction. If you follow the instructions, you will meet inspiring people, gather new impressions and benefit from that experience on all levels.

Aquarius are in dire need of some quiet time and relaxation, which is why especially Today you should make sure to end your workdays punctually for a change.

In a relationship you have to give and take. Even if perhaps the last relationship wasn't the best, you must never lose your courage. At some point happiness will stand by you again and you just have to stop to doubt everything.

Remember that there have been better times and they will come back. But now it's time to haveto tight your belt now and keep a close eye on the expenses. Then it will quickly get better again.

You don't exactly show yourself to be a rebel or an adventurer right now. But you like to moan and sometimes make your environment rage with nagging. In the disputes that follow, the already not very pronounced self-esteem often ratters into the cellar.

You now feel the need to want to have things you can't get. Although these desires are changeable, you are willing to spend a lot of money or take some risks to make them come true. But don't forget you're a mother and you're needed.