Capricorn Daily Horoscope for 23. September for free

Capricorn need to learn to forgive and to be more cooperative once in a while. Otherwise they will most likely offend their better half with their stubbornness. Especially Today damage control is important, but it's clear that what's done cannot be reversed.

Capricorn would be well advised to take a break. You haste through your life and miss all the precious moments, and so Today it would do you good to reserve some time for your family and friends. Your strained body needs a break too.

Capricorn are well aware of their worth, but Today you shouldn't think you're the only one with good ideas and special skills in your job environment. You better start acting like a team player and focus on reaching your professional goals as a team.

Actually, you are a successful person with a lot of knowledge. Only when it comes to love do you block yourself. Become more relaxed and simply dare to do more. Then you won't stay single for long.

We can now expect some good news in the near future. This has a particularly financial advantage. Maybe there's a raise waiting for you?

You shouldn't love everything your friends are up to. As a teenager, there are a few limits you should consider. So just be quiet and keep your distance and don't be in the middle at every opportunity.

At the moment you tend to be over-exact and rationally arrogant, because you think you alone as a mother have the insight and overview of everything. Unfortunately, your family thinks exactly the same and maybe they are your equal in skill and knowledge.