Leo Daily Horoscope for 23. September for free

Leo know that the desire to keep some things to oneself in a relationship is perfectly normal. Everybody needs a little room of their own and some independence, as is the case Today, and it has nothing to do with betrayal of trust.

Leo are full of energy and self-confidence Today. You approach other people without being shy and feel good taking the initiative. Enjoy the socializing and don't let anything stop you.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, and Today this applies especially to Leo, who are literally bursting with energy and drive.

You try with all your might to end your single existence. But you always experience new disappointments, because you are too tense and dogged. With a little more looseness you will reach your goal faster.

It would be a good idea now to forego spontaneous shopping. The financial situation is not so good at the moment and extra expenses are not possible in the budget. Therefore, renunciation can help now.

You don't really know where your trip is going right now. It is commendable that teenagers think about the future. But you're exaggerating and you should just look at the world more positively. It lifts the spirits and gets you ahead.

It can no longer go on like this. You are no longer taken seriously as a mother. But that is also your fault, because you accept everything. Step up a little more energetically and show that you also have your wishes and needs.