Libra Daily Horoscope for 23. September for free

A strong testiness over nothing at all is typical for Libra Today. With this attitude you make your own life miserable and you become quite unpopular for causing quarrel all the time. Try to calm your mind and to react with more equanimity to any irritation.

Even the most sophisticated engine needs maintenance and this also applies to Libra Today, because you cannot go at full speed all the time. Now you have reached the physically bearable limit, so you have to give your body enough rest and recreation time to renew your energy level.

Libra should be aware that not every colleague can be considered a friend, but the more you focus on your strong points, the less they can harm you. Just stay on the ball, especially Today, and don't get distracted.

The stars do their best again and provide you as a single with an irresistible charm and a magical charisma. You should take proper advantage of this and go among people. Enjoy dancing or doing a pub tour with friends.

The stars are quite good at the moment and so you can expect some pleasant and unexpected news in the area of finance. It is quite possible that the account will be significantly increased by a profit.

Your orbit remains unchanged. You're an important part of a sworn team. You are very important to your friends and you should appreciate that.

There can be no question of uneventfulness, which you are not comfortable with anyway, even if some change processes are rather subtle and take their time. The family takes you to the limit as a mother. But you can also take a break.