Scorpio Daily Horoscope for 23. September for free

Scorpio are bursting with vigor and drive Today. Let your better half and your friends benefit from that energy and have a jolly good time together. Everyone will be grateful for this cheerful experience.

Healthwise Scorpio are in excellent shape and with their overflowing vitality nothing can stop them now. Today, however, you should make sure not to waste your energy too carelessly because that could cause problems in the long run.

Today Scorpio can expect to receive some good news in their job. You finally get a recognition for your good work and can look forward to a promotion.

At the moment it is tempting to just sit back and do nothing. But that would be a pity, because at the moment you have a lot of energy to move things. What would it be like to go outside and engage in art? A concert or a visit to a museum would be just right.

Why not just risk a little bit more. Nothing comes from nothing and the same applies to finances. If you have dreams, you need money to fulfill them and therefore the basis should be created now.

You don't have to make everything perfect, because nobody expects that from you. Don't put yourself under pressure, because you are still a teenager and need something else around you.

A more enjoyable than serious attitude, even as a mother, lets you give in to where common sense would actually give you something else. Or you spoil yourself with too much logic and reason a few beautiful moments.