Gemini Daily Horoscope for 24. September for free

It's not easy for Gemini to find the love of their life because they are having a hard time processing disappointments. Just forget about the past Today and try to believe in love again. There is someone out there waiting especially for you. You just have to recognize it.

Today Gemini are constantly grumpy and spread a negative vibe which quickly affects their environment. You need to realize that you are the only one responsible for your bad mood, so try to find the reason for it before you let too many people suffer.

You could say that things are going rather smoothly at work. The boss is pleased with your results but unfortunately the colleagues still expect you to be more supportive. Be alert and don't let them take advantage of you.

Why do you look at everything your friends and acquaintances have achieved only with envy? It is much nicer to be able to share their joy and not just to go through life full of grief.

I can only congratulate you now. You have managed to collect money in a grandiose way, like other picking berries. Of course, you were not only lucky, but also chose the perfect tactic. Many a man could take a leaf out of your perfectionism.

There's no reason at all to take off now. Though everything is going well at the moment and school is on top of things too, it won't stay that way if you let up now. Continue as before and always stay a realist.

You know exactly what you want right now. At the same time you succeed in reconciling personal interests as a mother with the needs of your fellow human beings. Therefore, you will experience no obstacles in the implementation of your plans and will be judged by all people to be very sincere.