Libra Daily Horoscope for 25. September for free

Today Libra tend to put themselves under a lot of pressure, but in doing so they won't get the desired results and in the end they will inevitable harm themselves. Take a break, put your mind at rest and think calmly. Then you will notice that things aren't that bad.

Libra don't feel well without knowing why. You should consider a medical check-up Today because your problems could be the symptoms of a delayed infection.

Libra give a good example in their job Today by creating a fantastic work atmosphere, which will be appreciated by the whole team.

You love not only life, but even more your freedom. Going out, meeting people and having a lot of fun are just part of it. That's why you don't get stuck.

You should be satisfied with what you have. There can not only be millionaires and you are not that bad financially now. A little more gratitude would look good on you and you would be happier again.

You've got great friends you can always count on. Don't forget that and be ready when they need you. That's not just for teenagers now, it's for your whole life.

Move visits or meetings with friends to a different time. Use the time now to get inside yourself again and to deal with yourself. As a mother, you simply need a few hours of rest for yourself.