Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for 26. September for free

Today Sagittarius should commit entirely to the cozy feeling of love and spend enough time with their family or with good friends. You will have a great time together, so enjoy it.

Sagittarius are favored by Lady Luck who has reserved a seat for them on the sunny side of life Today. You feel great and your physical and mental state is just splendid. Enjoy the positive vibe and focus on all the good things around you.

You seem to be spending money quite loosely, which is all the more surprising considering that your financial situation is rather tense. You would be well advised to maintain a little moderation.

You should once again give your friends and acquaintances a little more appreciation. You are not to blame for the fact that you did not find the great love yet. Why don't you just do something together again and use the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

In most cases, money worries do not disappear overnight. You're no different than most people are. Stop thinking about whether it is worth it to summon up the courage for unpopular solution methods. The effort might not pay off.

When you grow up, you fight more with yourself than with your surroundings. Above all, the fluctuating emotions are a constant source of concern now. This requires a lot of sensitivity on the part of the parents.

You're really sagging right now. Whether it's an overwork, or your weaker self has conquered you, don't take refuge in excuses any longer. You sometimes seem to forget that it is not just about you and that as a mother you are not always the centre of attention.