Scorpio Daily Horoscope for 26. September for free

Today Scorpio are especially susceptible to loving words and flattery. You radiate a profound inner peace and manage to handle every situation with your unique charm. All in all you can look forward to an almost perfect time.

Today Scorpio should remember to take better care of their health again. You burn out fast if you don't reserve enough recreation time for yourself. Just remind yourself every day that your health is more important than anything else.

You are wondering why you feel kind of stuck in your work. However, it's time to realize that this is your own fault and that you could change it by putting more effort in what you do.

You now show yourself from an extraordinarily seductive side and leave a lasting impression on your flirt partners. You should definitely take this opportunity.

You shouldn't celebrate success until they're done. Otherwise the disappointment is great when the tiresome money problem cannot be solved quickly. You should take an outside view and analyze your actions logically.

Your friends need you, and you shouldn't keep withdrawing. If something's bothering you, talk about it. You'll see the world looks better after that. A teenager should be happy and not make a sad face.

Your unstable emotional balance is also noticeable in the partnership and in family life. Here you need to be more attentive on your part. The family understands that you can have a low as a mother, but it should not last too long.