Virgo Daily Horoscope for 26. September for free

Virgo shouldn't always put themselves first but also think of their partner, who needs their loving attention too Today. A relationship is give and take and you need to remember that it also requires a great sense of responsibility.

The best thing Virgo can do Today is to forget all their daily drudgery and focus on nothing else but themselves. A short vacation in a Spa resort would be perfect for you now. Don't think twice. You deserve some self-indulgence.

Virgo need to accept that work isn't always mere pleasure. Especially Today you should feel privileged to have a job at all, so you better start putting things into perspective.

At the moment you suffer from unwillingness, at least as far as the housework is concerned. But when it comes to spending money, you're in. Avoid spontaneous, larger expenditures, because later you could classify these as waste and man and child could make reproaches.

You now understand very well how to keep your money well together and do not experiment when it comes to your finances. This will do you good and already lay a solid foundation for the future.

The daily routine is really bugging you right now. But as a teenager you also have your obligations and can't just do what you feel like doing. First the work, then the pleasure.

Show your children how important reliability is in life. You are not responsible for everything and the children have to learn to do certain things without your help. Be sure it won't hurt.