Capricorn Daily Horoscope for 20. October for free

Capricorn are on cloud nine Today, but it would be a mistake to expect a flirtatious encounter to turn into big love. This is not going to happen, so you should just leave it at that.

Capricorn ignore the nonambiguous signal of their body, which clearly demands some rest, and keep pushing it instead of changing to a lower gear. That's very unhealthy, so Today you should seriously consider slowing down and being more considerate with yourself.

Success means a lot to you, but you put yourself under great pressure with that attitude. Try to slow down a bit and to take regular timeouts for relaxation.

For singles impatience is now a bad counsellor. Don't let anyone tell you you have to get there this week. Enjoy the small steps that will bring you closer to your new treasure.

Your expenses threaten to exceed your income more and more. It is therefore high time that you put a stop to this and think about how you want to get this situation right again. Anyway, it can't go on like this.

What were you thinking? That as a teenager everything is given to you and falls into your lap? Life is not a picnis and you should understand that slowly. If you want to achieve something, you have to help yourself.

Honesty is the right way for you and leads to the desired result. If you have been thinking about changes in the family for some time, let your thoughts be followed by deeds. You have more to it than just being seen as a mother who has domestic duties to perform.