Gemini Daily Horoscope for 23. October for free

Gemini shouldn't hide their head in the sand Today. It may cost you some effort but you should get yourself together and take action. Dress up, go out and socialize and have fun.

Gemini really should stop feeling sorry for themselves and regain control of their life by changing a few habits Today. Go outdoors, take a deep breath and clear your head and your soul for new challenges.

Gemini are worn out and exhausted Today and feel like they are running out of energy. It's time to get some rest to recharge the battery and to feel refreshed again.

For singles it is high time to do something with friends again. How about a spontaneous little party? This does not only provide joy and good mood, but also relaxes the everyday life. The others will be thrilled.

Your expenses threaten to exceed your income more and more. It is therefore high time that you put a stop to this and think about how you want to get this situation right again. Anyway, it can't go on like this.

In everything you do or do, you have the same demand for perfection in yourself and also in other people. That's why you work much more carefully than other teenagers. But please don't forget that you're still a teenager and don't put yourself under pressure.

You tend to take it with a pinch of salt and respond to the slightest criticism with irritation. The family's already hiding and silent because you don't want another fight. But you in particular as a mother should react more calmly now.