Capricorn Horoscope for 11/2020

Capricorn tend to adopt other people opinions unreflectively. You are your own person, so you better start focusing on your own goals again. This week you could remember to take up something you used to be passionate about. You've been neglecting it for quite a while but you'll enjoy it again.

Capricorn deserve praise for taking care of their body and their state of health so consciously. You should keep up your good habits This week and, to be absolutely sure, get another detailed medical check-up.

Capricorn tend to be very strict with themselves and raise their own bar extremely high This week. Be careful not to expect the same from your colleagues, as it will be frustrating for both sides.

Now is the ideal time to think about which direction you want to give your life. As a single you don't have a bad time, but it's your decision if you want to stay without a partner.

Your restlessness can now confidently come to an end. Your avoidance behaviour of bad investments has proven itself enough. Now it's time for courage. If you play poker high and confidently, you will draw the big lot and make a huge financial leap forward.

As a party lion you will more than live up to your reputation at the next party. But be careful, because life as a teenager isn't just about parties. More serious in life would look good on you sometimes.

Use this lightness of being to do everything you always wanted to do. But be careful that you don't tackle too many projects, which then grow out of your head if everything doesn't run so smoothly anymore. Your role as a mother demands enough of you already.