Capricorn Horoscope for 13/2020

Capricorn should use the extraordinary planetary constellation This week by giving in to love. You can't go wrong if you do, so use the opportunity to flirt as hard as you can.

This week Capricorn have a positive attitude that conveys them a lot of inner balance, which again has a beneficial effect on their health. Keep up the spirit and don't let anyone take your calmness away from you.

Capricorn are worn out and exhausted This week and feel like they are running out of energy. It's time to get some rest to recharge the battery and to feel refreshed again.

At the moment it looks very good for you in love matters. You manage to impress other people with your appearance and make yourself interesting. You should take advantage of this phase, because it couldn't be better.

You've got a lot of energy right now. This is not bad, but you have to be careful with it. You have a tendency to make ill-considered expenditures, which you can't really afford at the moment. It's better to listen to the advice of your fellow men.

You're always honest with your friends. That's awesome. But make sure you don't hurt anyone with your open nature. Not everyone can handle it well. If you take care of it, nothing can go wrong and the sky in teenage life remains free of dark clouds.

Now direct your energies primarily towards the inside, since you are now often ineffective against the outside. This usually takes the form of tantrums, violent verbal disputes or disputes. The family needs harmony, and so do you as a mother.