Leo Horoscope for 37/2020

This week Leo should take the time to listen to their inner voice to find out what they expect from true love. You have your ideas based on your experience, but you don't dare to reveal them to your partner. Don't be afraid to open up. It will be good for your relationship.

Leo have had a rough couple of day. This week you need to slow down and make sure to find enough recreation time to let your body regenerate and to calm your mind.

You should be extremely careful with financial transactions at the moment. The probability of suffering losses is very high, so you better doublecheck every single step of the process.

You should seriously ask yourself the question whether it is really so beautiful alone. Life has so much beauty to offer and you should therefore consider other opinions and views and get out of your snail shell.

You are very social at the moment and anyone who asks you for financial help will get it. But a look at the bank account would show that one cannot actually afford this. So first think about yourself and your money.

You can't let your parents hold you back and act like a little pasha. What are you gonna do once you grow up? So you will never learn to be independent and take responsibility.

It's not easy getting along with the whole family right now. Some people prefer to try it alone instead of working together to get ahead faster and have more family time together. In your role as a mother you are now more than ever in demand as a mediator.