Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility in Relationship: Man and Woman

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility in Relationship

The connection between Aquarius and Aquarius is a special connection. For both of them, the focus is not so much on feelings and passion as on a deep friendship, which is the ideal basis for a relationship. Both understand that the partner needs a lot of freedom to realize himself and to find his fulfilment in life. Nevertheless, both can be very headstrong, but they don't get into a big argument about it, but try to resolve the conflict in long discussions. Although, these two should watch out that the feelings in the partnership are not completely lost, because sooner or later this would also lead to the end of the relationship and love.

The daily love horoscope for Aquarius and Aquarius

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Love Compatability: Aquarius and Aquarius ?

The zodiac sign Aquarius man or woman can also be described as exotic in the Aquarius Love Compatibility, because for most other astrological signs it is anything but the ideal partner. If statistics can be believed, the Aquarius is far ahead of all other signs of the zodiac in the separations from partnerships. This is certainly due to the fact that an Aquarius is very freedom-loving and also obstinate and does not want to give up his independence. The relationship between Aquarius and Aquarius is therefore not an easy one, since they inevitably hold up the mirror to each other because of their similarity in nature. In many cases, a relationship between two people with the sign of Aquarius will be based primarily on friendship and trust, because both are not exactly hot-blooded when it comes to emotions. However, the two understand the partner's desire for freedom very well and grant him this as a matter of course.

The detailed love compatibility for Aquarius with Aquarius

In a relationship between Aquarius woman and Aquarius man there may be some passion in some cases, but nevertheless this relationship will be based more and more on a friendly basis than on strong emotions. Both know only too well that even the most intense feelings change over time and even the strongest sexual attraction is not of unlimited duration. But mutual respect, common ideals and the ability to communicate well with one another will survive any emotional confusion, for the Aquarius has internalized these principles better than any other sign.

It is important to have mutual freedom

In a relationship, both partners need a lot of freedom to develop spiritually and to find their destiny in life. They grant each other this need for freedom without losing confidence in their partner. They are there for each other, they talk about everything life has to offer and are very true to each other. However, this is due to the fact that the topic of sex is not too important for either of them and therefore no missteps are to be expected in this area. However, the two have to be careful that the relationship in the long run is not only characterized by friendship, but also by closeness, affection and intimacy. Every Aquarius who lives in a relationship has to work on this.

It doesn't work without feelings

When two Aquarians enter into a partnership, there is usually a great deal of understanding and harmony right from the start. They can talk about anything for hours without getting bored. But if this is to become a lasting and serious relationship, then both must learn to develop and show feelings. Without feelings in the partnership, even two Aquarians become critical in the long run. The physical pleasures in bed are not so much in the foreground for these two, which is why they prefer to have profound conversations in bed instead of wild passion. They can talk about God and the world and easily forget everything around them. But in the end, the two's extraordinary communication skills hold this relationship together - perhaps even for a lifetime.