Aries Sun Aries Rising | Aries Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

There is something in the people who are born as Aries sun with Aries ascendant that makes them the real representatives of the fire element. An Aries sun with Aries ascendant can be expected to be real daredevils and anything but shy or modest characters. They are the ones who roll up their sleeves and tackle hard, if need be. The result is a character with very special traits who form the double Aries, a personality who can be seen as a incredibly enthusiastic. The enthusiasm of the Aries sun with Aries ascendant may sometimes be that rigorous that their environment might be appalled. People who are born in this astrological combination of zodiac signs are very powerful and pursue their own goals enthusiastically. As fearless human beings, they will never shy away from any conflict. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Charming contemporaries

Aries people with Aries rising are overall charming contemporaries. Assuming that they are in the mood to be charming. Through the influence of the Aries rising their natural charm is further enhanced which they are exactly aware of. Double Aries, regardless of the gender, should therefore learn to control their fiery temper to avoid embarrassing their environment. Aries born people show great interest in physical love and therefore are always on the lookout for adventures. Their partners may view this passion sometimes as too expressed. It would be wise, however, for the Aries sun with Aries ascendant to control their sex drive and spare their partners from excessive demands.

Aries always want to be first

It is very important for Aries man or woman to be number one in whatever they do. This ambition is further enhanced when the Aries rising collides with the Aries sun. People who are born in this astrological connection are therefore coarse and reckless at first sight. Subject to a variety of different drives, the Aries sun with Aries ascendant often appear to be impatient and occasionally ego-centered. Highly enthusiastic about achieving their objectives by force, Aries individuals with Aries ascendant are almost blinded in their vision and thus hardly notice their environment. However, there is more in an Aries sun with Aries ascendant than meets the eye in the beginning. These people surely have their ideals, and they will fight at any time for their beliefs with steadfast courage. Double Aries people are therefore very good and most loyal friends, in general, who would never let their friends down and who would go through fire for them.