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Horoscope Love Compatibility: Which Zodiac Signs match for relationship?

A relationship horoscope can be without doubt a precious counselor and a helpful guideline for everyone who is looking for a significant other in their lives, but as love compatibility also matters in existing relationships, it can be a valuable add-on for all those who have already found their match. By scrutinizing the strengths and weaknesses of all zodiac signs, this horoscope format can improve the understanding people have for their partner and for themselves, which helps them get through moments of crisis with a different spirit. Especially when things aren't looking too bright, it shows if two people work as a couple and if their relationship is built on solid ground. A relationship horoscope is therefore designed to enrich a partnership – be it old or brand new – with understanding and harmony.

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The relationship horoscope as a counselor

No matter if you are still looking for your perfect match or if you have found Mr. or Mrs. Right already: A relationship horoscope is the ideal counselor for all questions that are relevant when it comes to love and relationships, as it deals with every single detail of that area of life. For example, it analyzes which zodiac signs or start signs are compatible with each other, which ones are most likely to fail as a couple and why this is so. With the help of a relationship horoscope it is even possible to identify situations and areas where two people are in sync. Consequently, it is also possible to highlight situations and areas where they aren't in order to be prepared for or, in the best case, to avoid potential conflicts. Knowing this helps to handle the relationship much better, which improves the chances of being happy together considerably. If a relationship horoscope can do that for a couple or for a single person willing to commit to a relationship, it's definitely worth taking a shot at it.

Empathy is essential in a love relationship

Every love relationship is tricky, especially when it's new and the two lovebirds don't know each other well yet. Or even worse, when they don't know themselves yet. So it takes a great deal of tolerance and empathy to respond to the needs and wishes of the partner in a way that strengthens the bond between the two without requiring too many sacrifices on both sides. In other words, it is next to impossible for any man or woman to find the right match without knowing themselves and their own strong and weak points. Every human being has their unique personality and they should be able to keep it, but therefore it's essential to understand it first. Naturally, that applies to any potential love match as well, which is exactly why a relationship horoscope can be so extremely useful. By analyzing the horoscope love compatibility of two people it automatically reveals their needs and wishes which they very often keep as a secret. It also happens that people aren't even aware of their inner longings and never bothered to talk about it for that reason. Considering all these factors, it would be foolish not to resort to a relationship horoscope if given the chance, because it provides us with a better understanding of ourselves and of our partner's emotions, which opens the door to a thoughtful and empathetic interaction.

Significance of the birth date

Like in the birth horoscope, the birth date is the basic component for the creation of a relationship horoscope, only that it requires the birth dates of both partners. So, it's essential to know beside the dates also the exact hour and minute of their birth in order to determine the planetary constellations and the distribution of the astrological houses in the respective birth charts at that very moment. Only then can the relationship horoscope analyze in detail the horoscope love compatibility of a – future or already existing – couple based on their zodiac signs and carve out the similarities and the differences in their characters, which are fundamental for the extent of harmony they are likely to experience in their relationship. The concept of “Opposites attract” might be working for pop songs and romantic comedies but in real life it can be rather destructive for a couple if they can't find enough common ground to build their relationship on.

Relationship horoscope not just for singles

It would be a mistake to think that only attached or single individuals can benefit from a relationship horoscope, as it has proven to be a helpful adviser for every human needing some love counseling. Knowing the behavior patterns of oneself and of another person is a huge advantage for anyone who is ready to commit to or who is already in a love relationship. We all know that as long as things go smoothly it's easy to be happy with another person. However, when we pass through wavy waters, which sooner or later happens in every relationship, it becomes clear if two people are made for each other or if they can't keep up the love in difficult times as well. Situations of crisis can therefore be very clarifying for the real quality and the load capacity of a relationship. Usually trouble begins when we are unable to empathize with our partner sufficiently, which is probably the most important requirement for a fulfilling and lasting relationship. In the thorough analysis of a relationship horoscope, all the common denominators and all the differences between two zodiac signs and star signs and all their strengths and weaknesses are put on the table, which makes it impossible to overlook any detail that could matter in the long run. Whoever decides to take this horoscope love compatibility test surely has an informational advantage compared to those who base their decisions on nothing else but feelings. But however accurate the data conveyed in a relationship horoscope may be, it's important to bear in mind that they shouldn't be seen as a doctrine but rather as an inspiration to look at our relationships, our everyday lives and our search for The One from a different angle. And everyone who knows how to use the information wisely, is very likely to find accomplishment and happiness in their relationship.