Capricorn Ascendant / Capricorn Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Capricorn Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A Capricorn Ascendant Man or Capricorn Ascendant Woman is usually a sober and controlled contemporary, who usually seems a little distant to his fellow human beings. Before they allow themselves to be carried away to decisions, it is carefully considered beforehand whether this makes sense and is also for their own benefit. An ascendant Capricorn therefore often seems calculating and emotionally cold. However, underneath this rough shell there is a soft core that you just have to discover. For the ascendant Capricorn it is important that not only work and profession are in the foreground, but also the joie de vivre is not neglected. Otherwise a life in solitude threatens very fast for an ascendant Capricorn.

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Joie de vivre is also important

A person with the ascendant Capricorn shows by its Capricorn Ascendant Appearance that he or she is usually considered sober, controlled and a little distant. These people have a great sense of responsibility and consider very carefully what statements or actions they make. They want all their activities to have practical benefits. That's why they make sure they don't do anything that's just for fun. Behind all their activities and plans is a plan and they never decide anything from the gut. For this reason, the fellow human beings of the ascendant Capricorn think that he is emotionally cold and calculating. With their calculating nature and their almost exaggerated self-control, they often run the risk of becoming socially and emotionally isolated. That is why it is important for people with Capricorn as an ascendant that they do not neglect the joy of life. These people, whether man or woman, must understand that a life is not just work. Hard work and perseverance are outstanding characteristics of an ascendant Capricorn, but fortunately there is more to life than financial and material security. If an ascendant Capricorn does not manage this, it is not uncommon for him to fall into a mood depression, which can even lead to depression.

Tough on the outside, soft on the inside

The love life of a person with the ascendant Capricorn is usually anything but passionate and exciting. Because private life is completely subordinated to career thinking, there is usually little time for a serious partnership. If the topic of work still dominates all conversations after work, then it is not easy to keep a partner in the long run and you quickly lead a life of loneliness. The partner choice with an ascendant Capricorn is usually very sober and unromantic. At first, the ascendant Capricorn examines potential partners very carefully to determine to what extent they meet their very high expectations. For example, a prospective partner should be as intelligent, educated, polite and charming as possible. If the person has a reputable job and a respectable financial background, that doesn't hurt either, of course. This would make it possible to combine the pleasant with the useful. But it should never be forgotten that underneath his cool exterior of a person with the ascendant Capricorn is a person who is tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.