Aquarius Ascendant / Aquarius Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Aquarius Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

An Aquarius Ascendant Appearance is that he is a very open and curious contemporary. He loves his freedom and his independence and he will not give them up under any circumstances. The ascendant Aquarius shows a great interest for everything that is extraordinary. He hates rules and regulations and would like to rearrange the whole world and fight for the freedom of all people. In a partnership, an ascendant Aquarius is not a partner who shows his feelings excessively. For him, deep friendship is more important than passion and relationship must be spiritually stimulating for the ascendant Aquarius.

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Just no rules and regulations

The Aquarius Ascendant Man and Aquarius Ascendant Woman ensures that a person, no matter what sign of the zodiac he has, possesses a very open being and is very open to everything new and foreign. Great interest is shown in everything extraordinary and unexpected, as long as it does not comply with the norm. The ascendant Aquarius loves to break with traditions and declare war on conservative attitudes. This is important for him, because an ascendant Aquarius attaches great importance to the freedom of thought and action and hates all rules and regulations. The ascendant Aquarius is very sociable and relieved and goes through life with a lot of humor and charm. People with the ascendant Aquarius are welcome guests at parties and in convivial rounds and are always the focus there immediately, although they don't really want this. However, an ascendant Aquarius has little fun when it comes to his own opinion. This is represented and defended by him with great passion. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead them to get bogged down in strange views, with which they then stand alone and sometimes even annoy other people a little.

Freedom should not be lost

The pronounced individualism of a person with the ascendant Aquarius also comes into its own in love life. These people need their freedom and do not like being locked in a golden cage and deprived of their independence. In a partnership the ascendant Aquarius seeks less the closeness, the warmth, the harmony or the intimate togetherness. As Aquarius Ascendant Appearance, the intellectual challenge and spiritual inspiration is much more important and this is absolutely in the foreground when it comes to partnership and relationship. Conversely, this does not necessarily mean that an ascendant Aquarius is an unfaithful soul and is constantly seeking new adventures. He sees a relationship as a possibility to broaden his mental horizon and to fully bring in his character traits in this form of a relationship. For a partner of a person with the ascendant Aquarius, however, this means that a lot of understanding and tolerance is required. If this does not succeed, then an ascendant Aquarius is hard to keep for a long-term relationship and sooner or later he will go on the run.