Aquarius Sun Libra Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

These people who are born as Aquarius sun with Libra rising are best in winning the hearts and love of their environment in an instant. At the same time, Aquarians with Libra ascendant really have their own mind about consistent relationships, thus they are used to avoid such bondings, attaching more emphasis to genuine friendships than romantic emotions. This is why the Aquarius sun with Libra rising easily feels trapped and sooner or later will try to break out of every relationship. These sign prizes personal liberty and their freedom of thought above all, which is why they will always go all out to secure this freedom. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Not fond of relationships

Flamboyance is an important topic for the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant, as well as freedom of thought and uniqueness in life. This can be traced back to their tendency to abhor relationships that are monogamous or too consistent. They will, therefore, quickly, escape such relationships. Although the Aquarians with Libra man or woman, like most people, secretly long for love and to belonging, they feel easily limited in their personal freedom when they live in a solid relation and therefore will try to break out. Whenever these people again have escaped another consistent relationship, they will be found near friends who take them as they are and thus form some sort of a small dedicated group. Every now and then the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant find themselves hoping for true love and a serious relationship, which is easily started but promises they have made are not that easily fulfilled. But, due to their charming characters and their rhetorical skills, they manage to get out of difficult situations, usually really getting off cheaply.

Chaotic and unreliable

As a sympathetic and unique sign, the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant easily wins the hearts and love of others due to the influence of the charming Libra. Consequently, people who are born as Aquarius sun with Libra rising usually have a good horse sense and can't be easily fooled. Altogether, this constellation of zodiac signs can be called a harmonious combination with arts are ideally united with freedom of thought. Ingenuity is part of the people with sun in Aquarius, Libra rising, thus these people are constantly thinking up hot ideas and making plans. Friendship is an important concept in their lives, sometimes it seems as if their friendships replace serious relationships. In general, the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant chose careers that provide close contact with the public. They balance out the lacking emotional depth with rhetorical exaggeration and by artificially making an issue out of certain feelings, thus their emotional relation can sometimes create situations that seem unreal and ridiculous, especially in love matters. The women of this constellation in particular are known to be really good-looking and attractive in their performance. In contrast, those individuals who express more of the negative aspects of both astrological signs, seem to be chaotic, jumpy and unreliable persons who never realize even only one of their many ideas as the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant lack a certain realism and the ability to make their plans come true. They are sociable for sure but at the same time swerving and constantly strike out in a new direction instead of remaining on track. This can be hard to grasp for their personal environment and may lead to arguments. This is why, in general, people who are completely different personalities from the Aquarius sun with Libra ascendant find it difficult to understand them.