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Pisces Love Compatibility: The Love Match & Compatible signs

Pisces are one of the most sensitive and empathetic signs of the zodiac. For a partnership this can be very good, but also very bad, because Pisces give their partner very little insight into their emotional life. In a relationship, Pisces dream of perfect love and fusion with their partner, without paying any attention to the personality of the partner. A Pisces therefore always gives its partner the impression that it is always interchangeable. Not every zodiac sign can follow the Pisces into its dream world and fulfill its requirements as a partner.

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You are in love with a Pisces man or a Pisces woman? Here's how you can conquer them:

The Pisces in a partnership

People with the zodiac sign Pisces are usually colorful personalities, who are very sensitive and empathetic, but at the same time seductive. In the partnership and in everyday life, a Pisces very often puts itself in the background in order not to stand in the way of others. His personal goals, wishes and needs are not so important to him and he believes more that he will be rewarded for this attitude himself sometime. A person with the zodiac sign Pisces is very easily influenced and you can seduce him quickly, which can lead to bitter disappointments especially in love affairs.

Which mentality does the zodiac sign Pisces in the partnership have?

The star sign Pisces is a very romantic lover in the relationship and partnership, who likes to let himself fall. When you return your feelings, a Pisces will give everything to its partner. For Pisces it is important that they feel intimately connected with their partner and that they feel fully understood by him. If the Pisces gets all this, it will read every wish from the partner's eyes. But even the Pisces opens very slowly and it is almost impossible to get a glimpse into its soul life. He always knows how to elude it very cleverly. He longs with his partner for a perfect love and a perfect harmony and he puts everything under this dream.

The Pisces does not look for personality

For people with the zodiac sign Pisces, the factors love, fusion and devotion are the essential components of a partnership. For a partner this is not so easy, because he never knows why he is loved by the Pisces partner, because the personality of the partner does not play an important role for him at all. In a relationship, this always leads to the Pisces giving you the feeling that you are always interchangeable as a partner. People with the zodiac sign Pisces are certainly the most sensitive and empathetic creatures, but they can also hurt their partners deeply through their views.

Escape from reality

The zodiac sign Pisces is actually the whole life always on the run from reality. He prefers to flee into his world of dreams and fantasies and feels comfortable there. It is then very difficult for the Pisces partner to pick him up there again. A Pisces can be quickly rattled and the daily routine, which is not always so pleasant, can make it desperate. Most of the time he sinks into self-pity and tries to forget reality. Therefore, Pisces are not partners, with whom you can expect a long-term relationship. Much too quickly, they seek the vastness of the smallest problem and let themselves be driven back into the stream of life and continue to wait there for the fulfilment of their dreams.

The emotional Cancer as an ideal partner

In the free Pisces love horoscope, the sign Cancer is described as the ideal partner for a Pisces. The Cancer is faithful and so the Pisces do not have to be afraid of loss. In addition, the Cancer is a person with a lot of understanding and empathy and can best follow the soul life of the Pisces. Even the Scorpio has no bad chances in a relationship with the Pisces. He may be capricious in a relationship, but the Pisces will do a lot to bind the Scorpio to him.