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For thousands of years mankind has paid a lot of attention to forecasts as offered in the horoscope this week. Accordingly, it is common knowledge that in ancient times no important decision was made without consulting the stars first, which was true for emperors and kings as well as for ordinary people. As every day holds something new for every zodiac sign, people today are interested in getting an overview of a longer period of time than just one single day. The free horoscope of this week is a perfect example of that kind of preview, as it grants the reader an insight into the prevailing cosmic tendencies, which allows him to take that into account and to be more reassured when he needs to decide. this Week´s horoscope can meanwhile be found in all media, especially on the Internet, which – as can be seen here – provides solid and well-founded astrological information for all zodiac signs and for all purposes.

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What the stars can tell about this week

Astrology and its most popular tool, the horoscope, have exerted a strong pull on humanity for several thousands of years. Commanders, emperors, kings and people of all social spheres resorted to the expertise of astrologers and seers in ancient times before making any major decision. No war was waged, no marriage arrangement was approved and no alliance was decided without looking into the issue beforehand with the help of a horoscope. Seen in a broader context, it is legitimate to say that a horoscope, be it a daily horoscope, a Week´s horoscope, a monthly horoscope or a yearly horoscope, is a timeless phenomenon that can be found in almost every culture that has ever existed in the whole wide world. Hence it is not surprising that the fascination for divination systems like the horoscope of this week remains unbroken until today among people of all ages and all social strata. And even though not everyone may want to admit it, they won't deny it either if asked directly.

Horoscopes available in all the media

Free horoscopes for this week, no matter in which format, can meanwhile be found in all information and communication media. Thanks to the accomplishments of the computer age, the number of horoscopes available on the internet has been booming for quite some time, as now literally everyone has access to a horoscope that is tailor-made for his specific demands. As opposed to the mediocrity of the horoscopes offered in the daily papers and magazines, the horoscopes that can be found on the Internet are generally of very good quality, since they are based on scientific calculations and provide thorough and accurate information to the reader. Until some years ago, people who publicly admitted to reading this Week´s horoscope regularly were labelled as New Agers, which was never meant as a compliment. Fortunately, the perception and the image of astrology and of its value for our everyday lives has changed in the meantime, to the point where horoscopes are now being accepted as one way of seeing the world and living one’s life. Even highly paid management people admit to reading the horoscope of the week when an important decision is due in order to align their professional strategies to the cosmic tendencies predominant at any point of time. Studies have shown that our actions are different when we resort to a resource like the horoscope, more so if it's available for free, before making an important decision. By reading the horoscope our brain stores all the information that is relevant for a certain period of time in advance and allows our subconscious mind to access them as needed and to adjust our actions to that knowledge in the course of that specific time frame. So, it's not a wonder that we feel more reassured after reading popular forecasts like the free horoscopes for this week or the next because it helps us to prepare ourselves for the upcoming events.

More certainty with the weekly horoscope

The free horoscope of the week is very helpful for many people in their everyday life, as it gives them more certainty and a better sense of security for their actions. Especially those who usually have a hard time planning benefit from the reassurance they get from the weekly horoscope. The human brain and the subconscious mind play very important roles in that specific context, because when the moment has come to decide, all the information the brain has subconsciously stored while reading the horoscope are being memorized, which helps to evaluate beforehand the consequences of the decision we are about to make. Knowing this makes it even clearer that the positive effect horoscopes can have on the interested reader has nothing to do with magic but rather with physiological processes. All things considered, it can be said that astrological forecasts like the free horoscope of the week can improve our quality of life as it helps us move through life with a more relaxed attitude and with more certainty, which again minimizes the emotional roller coaster rides we are exposed to when we feel anxious and insecure.