Sagittarius Ascendant / Sagittarius Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Sagittarius Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A person with the ascendant Sagittarius is freedom-loving and has a strong personality. A Sagittarius Ascendant Appearance is that these people are always on the search for new impressions and wants to make new experiences so that he can constantly expand his spiritual horizon. The ascendant Sagittarius has a lot of optimism and a lot of humor and so he gets up again and again after setbacks. In the partnership, the ascendant Sagittarius needs his freedom and is very reluctant to commit himself. He likes the relaxed and non-binding partnership, because in this way he does not completely lose his freedom.

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Broadening the spiritual horizon

A Sagittarius Ascendant Man or Sagittarius Ascendant Woman always creates a lot of atmosphere of departure. People with the ascendant Sagittarius have a strong personality, but they also want to develop it permanently. The ascendant Sagittarius is therefore constantly on the lookout for new impressions, experiences and insights with which he can broaden his horizon. The interests of the ascendant Sagittarius are very versatile and above all they love to travel. In this way they can get to know new countries and cultures and then report on them with enthusiasm. Basically, people with a Sagittarius ascendant are very optimistic people, who easily make friends with their good mood and humor. This also applies to potential partners, whereby the Sagittarius ascendant makes sure that they easily get to know someone, but are reluctant to commit. Since they attach great importance to their freedom, they usually prefer short-term or loose partnerships to a long-term relationship or even marriage. Sometimes the ascendant Sagittarius – whether Sagittarius Ascendant Man or Sagittarius Ascendant Woman – appears to his fellow men as an arrogant contemporary who appears most important to himself. His unpunctuality and unreliability – as a Sagittarius Ascendant Appearance – must also be mentioned as negative traits, which does not seem so bad to him.

Freedom has to be preserved

In most cases, the love life of an ascendant Sagittarius turns out to be quite casual and completely informal. The freedom-loving character of the ascendant Sagittarius ensures that this person has a panic fear of being locked up, especially when it comes to the topic of solid partnership. He would not renounce his freedom for anything in the world and no money in the world can stop him. Therefore, the ascendant Sagittarius only enters into firm bonds if he can be absolutely sure that he gets enough free space from his partner. If a partner accepts this attitude of the ascendant Sagittarius, then he or she will reward this in his or her own way. The ascendant Sagittarius will ensure that the relationship with him will always be exciting and thrilling and never get bored. A partnership with a Sagittarius ascendant is no easy matter. It is important that the tasks of daily life are distributed to the satisfaction of both. Only then does a partnership with ascendant Sagittarius have a good chance in the long run. When someone, male or female, is ready to embark on this adventure, then there is also a lot of affection and care from the partner with the ascendant Sagittarius.