Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Idealism is the keyword for people who are born as Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant because these people are really driven by a feeling of high morals and ethics. Quite often, the Sagittarius people with Aquarius man or woman are more interested in their friends than in their partners well-being. This does not mean that they are not longing for a stable and long-lasting relationship. New ideas are approached eagerly by these people and they will always try to realize these ideas, no matter how uncommon or revolutionary they seem. Sagittarians with Aquarius rising simply want to be different and, consequently, abhor being stereotyped. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Friends are more important than partners

Although they are liberal minded by nature, people who are born as Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant long for a stable and reliable partner. Their partners, however, should leave them enough breathing space. They won't lunge into short-lived erotic interludes or betray their partners. Once they become aware that their partners truly trust them and leave them a bit of freedom, they feel free and treated right. If this is no longer done and their partners try to control the Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant, they will sooner or later break this straitjacket. Friends matter a lot for the Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant. They will always be there for their friends and hope that they can rely on them in return, as even this characters need a little help now and then. Both men and women of this constellation love to spend time with friends at the movies, spending the day relaxed at a lake, shopping or simply sitting together at home. It is this amazing sociability that makes the Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant preferring their friends to their partners.

The idealistic philanthropist

The combination of the Sagittarius sun with the Aquarius ascendant has both the optimistic point of view of the Sagittarius sun and the idealism of the Aquarius rising which enhances the strong ethical and moral traits in these individuals. Thus, these people really need to feel embedded in their social environment. Generally, they are driven more by their minds than by their emotions. Idealistic and philanthropic human beings come out of the combination of the two astrological signs Sagittarius and Aquarius. Careers are therefore sought primarily in the social sector. If they don't have this option, they will appear to be benefactors in private. Friends are utterly important in the lives of Sagittarians with Aquarius man or woman, sometimes they appear to be even more important than marriage or relationships. Although these individuals are really sociable and adaptable personalities, they manage to maintain their personal touch. They are enthusiastically on board whenever new plans and ideas with progressive or revolutionary content are on the agenda and won't stop until they realized these plans. Most of the time intellect dominates the emotion in the Sagittarius sun with Aquarius ascendant which is why these people may seem a bit cold and unfriendly despite their social and helping attitude. It is also striking that their outward appearance is rather eccentric, especially their dresses are not everybody's choice.