Rabbit: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Rabbit: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit describes the personality of people born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011. People born in the sign of Rabbit can be described with total justification as be masters on the art of living. They find it hard to deal with conflicts and pressure and therefore, people born in the sign of Rabbit will always try to avoid any confrontation. If this is not possible despite all avoidance strategy, the Rabbit will stand up to the situation and will start to fight courageously.

People born in the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign are very benevolent and peaceable and do not like to bother themselves with conflicts. One should never put pressure on Rabbits, because then these people will withdraw very quickly. However, that does not mean that a Rabbit is a coward. If a confrontation cannot be avoided Rabbits will stand up to the fight and will dauntlessly solve the problem in order to restore peace. Rabbit people basically believe in the good side of the humans, and they will therefore always assume that all people only want the best for them. Individuals born in the sign of Rabbit are very caring and helpful and therefore, their friends will very comfortable in their proximity. Rabbits are intelligent, kind and very sensitive, no matter if man or woman. They need an idyllic world full of harmony in which they feel comfortable and where they can gather new energy.

Rabbits and the characteristics

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit are artistically very talented and are very imaginative. Whoever meets a Rabbit will recognize that he or she may look somewhat shy, but is very polite and attentive. Rabbits will also behave this way with people who do not like them that much. Individuals born in the zodiac sign of Rabbit are humble, but still have a healthy confidence in themselves and a strong will. Rabbits enjoy life and will find joy and take pleasure in everything that is beautiful. Even if Rabbits seem to be a little shy, they still are very determined and will consequently stand up and pursue their goals. However, very often they find it difficult to set limits to others, because due to their kind personality they will tend to sacrifice themselves to a certain extent.

However, people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit do not only have their positive sides. One negative aspect in their character is that they can be very capricious and will often look somewhat indifferent. Rabbits cannot handle any criticism, but usually they will be able not to show their anger. People born in the Chinese sign Rabbit will generally avoid conflicts instead of actively fighting them and will withdraw into a calm corner where they can be alone with themselves.

Rabbits in relation to profession and finances

In their professional life, people born in the zodiac sign of Rabbit show great negotiating skills. Rabbits have a pronounced business sensibility and therefore they will usually climb up the career ladder quite quickly. They pursue their goals very consequently, aided by their strong will and their self-confidence, in order to implement their plans successfully. Although they may seem somewhat shy on the first impression, one should not underestimate people born in this zodiac sign, because they will nearly always find a solution or a good alternative, even in difficult situations. People born in the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign prefer to work in a calm environment, because then they can develop well and assert themselves.

Rabbits attach great importance on a comfortable life, and they are prepared to treat themselves to a few fine things, too. However, while doing so, they will never be unthrifty but very humble, too. In spite of this, Rabbits do not belong to the kind of people who will put money aside for emergency cases. They prefer to enjoy life and will in due course spend the money they have. However, even if Rabbits do not have much money at their disposal, they will very often do good business and will be able to multiply their money due to their negotiating skills. They will not make a fuss about that, because it would contradict with their shy way to show off with what they have.

Rabbits and their love life

In a relationship, Rabbits are usually people with whom one can get along very fine. Rabbits find it very important to have a family and therefore they love to have children around them. However, people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit are not all too faithful, because they tend to engage themselves in erotic adventures. Rabbits need a lot of physical love in order to feel well, and if they are denied, they will try to get their share of love somewhere else. If the partners of people born in the sign of Rabbit want to avoid that they become unfaithful, it is very important to give them a lot of love, attention and change in their sexual life. If Rabbits get enough of that, they will feel very happy and will appreciate what they have.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit are very kind, understanding and sensitive human beings. They try to live in harmony with their loved ones. Therefore, they tend to avoid conflicts in this field of life, too, in order not to raise quarrels or disharmonies. People born in the zodiac sign Rabbit cannot live without love and caresses. They need many tender and romantic hours and they want their partners to show them their love again and again. However, in a relationship with people born in the sign of Rabbit, their partners need to pay attention that they will not become bored in love matters, otherwise the rabbit might go astray.

The best partner for the Rabbit

The most suited partner for people born in the sign of Rabbit is someone born in the sign of Pig. The relationship between these two zodiac signs will be under a lucky star and promises a great deal of happiness and harmony. Especially the life-affirming attitude of the Pig will impress the Rabbit, and this is true for men as well as for women. A relationship with a Goat could also turn out rather fine for somebody born in the zodiac sign of Rabbit. Goats have a positive attitude and are very cuddly. Therefore, a relationship between Rabbits and Goats will be dominated by deep affection and a great deal of love and tenderness.

On the contrary, Rabbits should avoid a relationship with people born in the sign of Rooster, because this constellation is very likely to cause many problems. The Rooster is much too extrovert for the humble Rabbit and so it is hardly avoidable that the rabbit might literally feel overrun by their colorful and striking partner in many situations.