Free Daily Capricorn Love Horoscope for Today

Free Daily Capricorn Love Horoscope for Today

People with zodiac signs Capricorn are very disciplined people and feelings are a very serious matter for them. The Capricorn therefore always needs a certain time until he can open his heart correctly and reveal his feelings. First of all, they want to check carefully whether this relationship has a future. A Capricorn is not a person who is only looking for a love adventure for one night. Above all, however, a Capricorn needs his independence and a partner who can show strength. As per the relationship horoscope, the Capricorn is actually a very romantic person, but unfortunately shows this only very rarely. For him, stability and security are much more important in a relationship.

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What does the Capricorn woman particularly like?

Star signs like a Capricorn woman never has her head in the clouds, but stands with both feet on the ground. She cannot be impulsive in physical love affairs. Although she reacts with healthy sensuality, she has a good grip on herself. She is ready to be admired and courted, but no man can possess her completely. She knows what he wants, but he will never know exactly what she thinks. Many men find it difficult to fathom her. Others find her detachment tormenting, perhaps because they feel that she is covering up extraordinarily strong feelings with it. But her constant switching on and off can eventually make the lover dizzy. But she, for her part, must be loved and desired. That is why she is so distant and cautious at first; she tries to assess the possibilities and risks before she turns herself in. Unfortunately, when she has lowered the visor in front of her feelings, she doesn't always know when to open it. But the man who really won her and proves himself worthy of her affection will find a passionate partner, a woman who does everything for her lover. But be careful, because the Capricorn woman is also calculating. She will try to control the man and use him to her advantage. Weak men are often attracted to the Capricorn woman. Her attentions flatter her, but she does not let her become a burden.

What does the Capricorn man particularly like?

The Capricorn man lives for love and there also for physical love. If he likes a woman, he gets to the point quickly and without digression. However, he strictly separates between affair and relationship. Whereby a pleasure originally conceived as a one-night stand can sometimes turn into something serious. But only if it fits in bed and he gets his money's worth. Especially here the Capricorn has some demands and for this reason the love horoscope Capricorn also plays an important role for him. He likes to know already in the first night what his bed playmate likes, whether she is available for this or that fantasy and how excessive physical love can be. A woman who has too many changing relationships for his taste is out of the question for the Capricorn. He is too good for that. He prefers to tolerate himself a little and wait until one of them meets his high standards. But once you have succeeded in getting into the bed of a Capricorn, you will certainly be amazed at how different this otherwise so rational, sensible man suddenly is. Almost anything goes with him, he likes to experiment and likes to try something new with his partner. And once the Capricorn man has really gained confidence, you will melt into a unity of feeling and tenderness with him in bed.