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Horoscopes in all formats and variations have been in use for millennia and they haven't lost any of their appeal until today. Nowadays people read horoscopes much more consciously and thoroughly than in earlier days, hoping to make use of the indications provided in these analyses for their own benefit. One of the post popular forecasts is the free horoscope of the week, which allows the readers to look a little further into the future than in the daily horoscope and to attune their actions and their decisions to the events that are about to come. Doing so can help anyone to make their lives a bit easier.

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Even emperors trusted in the horoscope

In past centuries and millennia, emperors and commanders used to have their immediate future predicted before they led their soldiers to war. That was common practice at the time, as back then people believed in the content of astrological predictions and oracles, and even though times have changed quite a bit since then, it is still very popular for many people to consult the horoscope on a regular basis. Hence it is not surprising that men and women who believe in astrology use forecasts like the yearly horoscope, the monthly horoscope or the weekly horoscope deliberately to have something they can base their decisions and their actions on. It goes without saying that all these horoscope types are provided for free on this page. As times become more and more uncertain, satisfying the need for safety gets more and more important and so most horoscope readers feel like they don't have to hide their interest in astrological predictions any more. However, an analysis like the horoscope of the week is only worth reading if it provides solid content and not just a series of commonplace statements. There are in fact huge differences in the quality of horoscopes offered for free in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, which means that forecasts like the weekly horoscope can be either useful and useless. Standardized horoscopes filled with universal statements that could apply to any zodiac signs provide no value at all and that's why the added value of a horoscope solely depends on how thoroughly is has been created.

The horoscope of the week on the Internet

A free horoscope of the week on the Internet is within anybody's reach who knows how to handle a computer, and so it has become very easy to get a personalized weekly horoscope to see what the stars hold within the next seven days. But like in the daily papers, not all the free horoscopes offered on the Internet are solid and trustworthy, which depends on the criteria and on the thoroughness applied in the creation of the astrological forecast. Anyone who expects to get a serious horoscope of the week has to make sure that it doesn't refer only to the zodiac sign because the ascendant and the moon sign are just as important as the sun sign and therefore need to be considered in the horoscope as well. The same applies to the time of birth, the date of birth, the place of birth and the position of the planets with reference to the aforementioned birth data. If these criteria are being met and the calculations withstand scientific scrutiny, the result will be a horoscope that actually deserves to be called a horoscope and that serves Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or any other zodiac sign as a reliable astrological forecast for the time frame they are interested in, be it the horoscope of the day, the week, the month or the year.

Useful answers

We live in uncertain times and so more and more people expect to find answers to existential questions about their future in the weekly horoscope as well. Typically, these refer to the areas of love, relationship, health, job and money. Financial forecasts and questions regarding the material existence of the individual have been especially pressing since the economic crisis hit European countries, which has generated a lot of insecurity and fear of the future among the affected nations. Other than that, questions that have to do with the everyday life of people are equally requested when it comes to consulting the horoscope of the week. Two of the classics are undoubtedly, 'what happens at work this week' and 'will I finally find the man or woman of my dreams'. Weekly horoscopes can give the interested inquirer a better sense of security by helping him to align his actions to the prevailing cosmic tendencies, which allows him to see all the chances he has and to use them optimally in all areas of his life. Hence, a good horoscope of the week can definitely be seen as a useful directory for all those who need a little help so that they can help themselves by acting in their own best interest. Of course, the horoscope can only provide the information, but it's up to the individual to use it wisely or use it at all.