Libra Weekly Horoscope | Free LibraHoroscope this Week

Libra Weekly Horoscope: Free Horoscope for this Week

Libra need to distinguish meticulously between reality and imagination This week because your better half will show very little understanding for jealousy and unfounded assumptions. You better stick to hard facts and stop making things up in your head.

Libra are healthwise in perfect shape This week. You feel strong and energetic and everyone envies you for your willpower, your perseverance and your lust for life.

Libra give a good example in their job This week by creating a fantastic work atmosphere, which will be appreciated by the whole team.

You don't hear wedding bells at the moment, but rather alarm bells. You are anything but satisfied with your life as a single person. But you have to do your part to change your situation at some point.

You want to start a new company now of all times, where your chances of making a quick buck are unfortunately not good at all. It is better to reconsider your planning. Where are the hidden weak points that should be avoided at all costs? Because that's what matters to you.

There's no reason at all to take off now. Though everything is going well at the moment and school is on top of things too, it won't stay that way if you let up now. Continue as before and always stay a realist.

The mind is at your disposal like a faithful servant and seems only to wait to be entrusted with challenging tasks. The children will not ask for it for long and will accept you as their contact point.

The zodiac sign Libra: Hobby and leisure

If you were born under the zodiac sign Libra, you don't want to spend your free time with irrelevant hobbies, but rather look for a true balance to your job and daily life. However, this should not be too exhausting and a hard and intensive sports program is therefore rather to be excluded with the zodiac sign Libra. Rather, one finds such people very often in the theatre, in concerts and museums, at exhibitions or simply in the cinema, when a romantic film is running. Beauty, grace and harmony are also very important for the Libra when it comes to leisure activities and find their place here as well.

People with the zodiac sign Libra always want everything in harmony and beauty and that is their greatest ambition. This is just as true for their everyday lives as it is in a relationship and partnership. Libra-born people simply need someone in their environment who makes them feel comfortable and where they can find a certain degree of security. This striving for harmony influences the leisure activities of the zodiac sign Libra just as does the penchant for beauty. People with the zodiac sign Libra are very sociable, but also very shy of arguments. Therefore, a look into the free Libra weekly horoscope is always part of it if you are planning a party or something similar. One simply wants to chat in an entertaining way and not be drawn into a quarrel or an argument.

All-round talent

Who is born in the zodiac sign Libra, is usually very versatile and shows interest for much. For people with the zodiac sign Libra, a certain hobby is therefore more than just a simple pastime. Especially these people need a hobby in order to find a perfect and ideal balance to their professional life. From this one can already deduce that these hobbies which will come into question for it, may not be particularly strenuous. That's why you will only find the Libra in exceptional cases in a gym and lift dumbbells there. The zodiac sign Libra calls for leisure activities that are not only relaxing, but also stimulating in terms of beauty. Romantic books are in great demand, especially among women born with Libra, but handicrafts such as ikebana or embroidery are also hobbies you can make friends with. The male Libras are often found in museums or at exhibitions.

Spontaneity is in demand

If you are looking for a hobby with the zodiac sign Libra, you also need a certain amount of freedom. Hobbies with a fixed, recurring date are not so ideal for this. For the Libra it is important that there is always a certain amount of spontaneity. If, for example, you read in the Libra horoscope this week that it is the ideal time for a visit to the theatre, then the Libra wants to be able to implement this. Especially culturally a person with the zodiac sign Libra is very interested in many directions and so it goes sometimes to a concert, sometimes to the theatre, sometimes to an exhibition or simply to the cinema. Film, music and also dance like the zodiac sign Libra and is therefore very often on the leisure program.