Pisces Ascendant / Pisces Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Pisces Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A typical Pisces Ascendant Appearance is sensibility. The ascendant Pisces loves people and wants to be loved by everyone. They would never wish their fellow man anything bad. In many cases, life for a person with the ascendant Pisces turns out to be very hard and unpleasant and then they retreat into their own world. In it the ascendant Pisces then surrenders to his dreams and his idea of the perfect world. The ascendant Pisces, whether man or woman, needs a partner who relieves him of all his worries and gives him the necessary support in life.

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All people are loved

The Pisces Ascendant Man or Pisces Ascendant Woman is considered very sensitive in most cases. This person can put himself in another people's position and listen very well. An ascendant Pisces shows with the Pisces Ascendant Appearance, that he is considerate, sensitive and compassionate and always strives to be a support to those seeking advice and to provide them with the desired help. The ascendant Pisces loves humans and would never harm anyone, but in return expects this from them in dealing with themselves. People with the ascendant Pisces are considered very tolerant and open-minded people who never speak badly of others or do or wish to do evil. Often the real world is too hard and too inexorable for the ascendant Pisces. That's why he likes to live in a dream world where he retreats and where everything is simply better. Here the ascendant Pisces can live out his romantic ideas and indulge in his dreams. But it happens again and again that the ascendant Pisces often loses the necessary traction. The result is that he is like a leaf in the wind through life, instead of taking it firmly into his hands and setting realistic goals.

Everything has to have a happy ending

In love and in love life as a whole, the ascendant Pisces – whether Pisces Ascendant Man or Pisces Ascendant Woman has a romantic touch. An ascendant Pisces is always in search of the true love, in which everything has a happy ending, all lovers come together at the end and are happy and free from all worries for a lifetime. But reality is a different one and so people with the ascendant Pisces have to accept and cope with disappointments over and over again. Somehow, however, they always pick themselves up again and take a new attempt. This is also due to the fact that they are simply not made for life alone. Rather, the ascendant Pisces needs a partner who has both feet planted on the ground. However, this partner's character traits should include empathy, for the person with the ascendant Pisces should not miss this. They would like to have a partner who relieves them of all their worries in life and removes all obstacles for them. If the partner of a person with the ascendant Pisces meets these requirements, he or she will be amply rewarded by him or her. In this case the Pisces ascendant will devote himself completely and subordinate everything to the partnership.