Pisces Sun Virgo Rising | Pisces Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born as Pisces with Virgo ascendant are emotional individuals who often have to balance between reality and dreams. Pisceans with Virgo ascendant face enormous difficulties keeping both feet firmly to the ground which is why they seek this stability in others. Even though Virgos farsightedness helps this astrological combination a lot, these people risk being taken advantage of or even being disappointed. Pisceans with Virgo ascendants cling to a task and once the goal is set they are satisfied and love being demanded. This really makes them happy and boosts their self-esteem. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A pendulum between two worlds

In Pisces with Virgo rising the deep emotionality of Pisces meets Virgos characterizing attention to detail and their ability to keep things in perspective. Accordingly, Pisceans with Virgo rising are highly sensitive. They swing between the two concepts of realism and a wealth of emotional. A big damper comes from their tendency to let themselves drift and disturbs their duteousness. Hence, Pisces sun with Virgo ascendant succeed in realizing important tasks. Breaks are essential for this sign. A realistic and detailed examination of their emotional life can reveal interesting aspects. Once in a while a real talented individual may turn up. People born with this constellation tend to be fickle persons who wobble between complete devotion and emotional realism. A trait that can also surface in relationships or love affairs, thus creating difficulties. These people need companions who are willing to offer them great understanding and who will be very emotional as well. This is really important because people born with this constellation are difficult regardless of their goodness. Even when physical love is concerned they feel torn, for one day they may be the most passionate lovers and the other day they do not care at all. Their companions should be able to show deep sentiments and understanding to interpret the signals correctly. This, admittedly, can be really demanding.

Fulfilling the task

Those born as Pisces man or woman with Virgo rising are versatile characters. Unable to keep their feet to the ground this astrological combination seeks support in others. It is important for Pisceans with Virgo ascendant that they avoid being exploited on an emotional level for this is something they will have to face quite often, regardless of their gender. Virgos intelligence helps a lot in these situations. Interesting career options and tasks that really meet their talents will surely fulfill them. Even those with low self-esteem can thus draw some self-awareness and live a life independently of what their environment thinks of them.