Libra Ascendant / Libra Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Libra Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A Libra Ascendant Appearance is adaptability. However, this does not always happen out of conviction, but rather because the ascendant Libra would like to avoid any dispute or conflict. These people are very harmonious and this applies to all areas of life. Even in the partnership, the ascendant Libra prefers to stick back to keep the peace. As a result, as an ascendant Libra, you may even be dominated by your partner. These people are very easy to influence and find it difficult to make their own decisions.

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Making your own decisions is difficult

People with the ascendant Libra are very careful to find the necessary balance in life. As a Libra Ascendant Appearance, harmony plays a very special role for these people in everyday life and that is why an ascendant Libra is also a very adaptable and flexible person. Deep inside a Libra Ascendant Man and Libra Ascendant Woman always carries the fear of being alone and he always needs a strong shoulder in life on which he can lean. A Libra Ascendant Appearance is making compromises at any time, even if this does not always happen out of full conviction. Rather, the reason lies in the fact that one wants to avoid possible conflicts in this way. An ascendant Libra has its difficulties again and again in life when it comes to making decisions. This is put off and listens and first looks around to see what other people have to say about it. For this reason, people with the ascendant Libra are relatively easy to influence, because they do not stand by their own opinion. That is why decisions are often made or things are made that do not in any way reflect one's own inner convictions. So, it is not surprising that an ascendant Libra often does not feel very well and is dissatisfied with himself and the world.

Maintain harmony by all possible means

The uncertain and sometimes fragile sides of the Libra ascendant are particularly noticeable in love affairs or in partnership. The character traits of adaptability and a need for harmony make it very easy for an ascendant Libra, whether man or woman, to direct and can even be dominated by the partner over long distances. Before it comes in the relationship to a quarrel, people with the ascendant Libra prefer to put back before and leave the partner his will. So, it happens again and again that these people even accept injustices towards them in order to maintain the harmony in the partnership. That is why it is very important that an ascendant Libra finds a partner who shows understanding and offers the necessary support. If this is the case, then an ascendant Libra – whether Libra Ascendant Man or Libra Ascendant Woman – will show a great deal of empathy and will always be at the partner's side with words and deeds. Despite the restraint given to them, the ascendant Libra can contribute a great deal to a varied and happy relationship and contribute with his strengths. Basically, they love life and show a lot of joie de vivre when they are happy.