Libra Sun Aries Rising | Libra Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

There is a permanent balancing in the people who are born as Libra sun with Aries ascendant between serenity and the zest for action. Aries' dynamic influence makes the Libra less indecisive and they thus will come to decisions more quickly and rapidly when they manage to coordinate these traits. But this is exactly where Libra people with Aries ascendant have to be aware of not taking a tough stance in their decisions and thus hurting their environment. Libra individuals in general have good manners and amazing diplomatic skills which help them a lot in smoothing the influence of the Aries rising and finding the right balance between all their different character traits. But learn more about their characteristics now.

In-between drive and serenity

Libra people with Aries rising swing from a typical serenity to the drive for action. This results in them being warm-hearted people who are open to the fine things in life on the one hand and in being alert and ready to work on the other hand in order to achieve their aims. Libra individuals cherish an harmonious life and they especially love to be surrounded by others. Both men and women of the Libra sun with Aries man or woman exude much calmness and serenity but internally can't calm down very often. Aries' influence is highly beneficial for the Libra sun as the innate indecisiveness of these people is less pronounced and furthermore will be replaced by decisiveness as well as assertiveness. Apart from this there surely is a difference between both zodiac signs, and the differences in this combination are striking and create inner tension and restlessness. Most of the time, however, Libra people with Aries ascendant succeed in making the best out of all their character traits and create a harmonious personal mix.

Significantly more temperament

The Aries rising provides an aura of temperamental action for the Libra sun and thus allow themselves to act less cautious than Libra born people use to do. In addition, Libra people with Aries ascendant will take judgments on everything before coming to a decision but are very determined to make their decisions quickly. It is also due to the influence of the Aries sun that Libra people can not only make quick decisions but rapidly turn their ideas into reality. Consequently, they should keep an eye on not overplaying their hand and compromising other people by presenting them with faits accompli. Libra man or woman have to concentrate on their manners and should slow down Aries' temper somehow as others may feel hurt very quickly and withdraw in conclusion.