Snake: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Snake describes the personality of people born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1998, 2001 and 2013. Snake people are considered being very mysterious, because they have a special aura and a sharp mind. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Snake are very attentive observers and have an excellent and quick understanding. They will find it easy to see through other people’s eyes and to understand them. However, individuals born in the sign of Snake are rather shy and need a lot of time to trust their fellow people, which is why they very often seem to be cool and impersonal.

People born in the sign of Snake seem to be very mysterious humans; that is how their fellow people see them. They have an enormous aura and are very sensitive and prudent. Snakes have great understanding for others, but they are shy, and people have to earn their trust. On first sight, Snake people will look very cool and reserved. However, this is misleading, because if once people know them better, they will see that Snakes are very warmhearted and have a lot of humor. Snakes are very attentive observers, and they will use this skill on purpose in order to manipulate others and to achieve what they are aiming for. People born in the sign of Snake attach great importance to their looks, and in spite of their aloofness, they are very self-confident. If people respect them, they will turn out to be very likeable and sociable fellows.

Snakes and the characteristics

People born in the Snake Chinese zodiac sign are courteous and friendly; however, they always want to be treated with respect. Snakes are compassionate people and attentive observers and they are very witty. People born in this sign are intelligent and often act intuitively. Individuals born in the sign of Snake are rather cautious and they will not trust others right from the beginning. This characteristic prevents them from risky situations and disappointment. Snake people are independent and stable, tolerant and considerate and they will toughly pursue their goals. Individuals born in the sign of Snake have a natural sense of humor and therefore, they radiate great calm, which their fellow people find extremely attractive.

However, people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Snake, no matter if man or woman, can also be moody, complacent and unstable. Snakes are usually very suspicious and they are also wary and tend to be jealous. Sometimes, people born in this sign are fearful which can also lead to the development of neurotic disorders. They avoid every conflict and try to keep out of quarrels. If Snakes are betrayed or get hurt, they can react in a very malicious way and they will possibly use their poison fang in order to take revenge, too.

Snakes in terms of profession and finances

People born in the sign of Snake are very ambitious; they are very skillful in many areas and they will therefore succeed in achieving their goals. With persistence and endurance, they will mostly succeed in finishing even difficult projects. In their daily work, they have good contacts towards their colleagues, and through a good communication, they can achieve many a goal. Individuals born in the Snake Chinese zodiac sign mostly need more time before they decide to go into a certain direction in their professional lives. The reason for this behavior is that Snake people have many different talents. People born in the Chinese sign of Snake very often have a pronounced taste for stylish and fashionable things; therefore, they will often find fulfilment in jobs, in which these particular characteristics will be demanded.

Concerning financial matters, people born in the zodiac sign Snake will act very skillful and intelligent. People born in this sign put much importance on material security since they need that in order to achieve a certain wealth at a young age. Through their shrewdness and their foresight, they will usually be very successful in financial matters. However, concerning financial risks, the ice will become very thin, because in these cases Snake people will often not be very lucky if they lose their temper and to take too great risks.

Snakes and their love life

Before Snakes get involved into a steady relationship, the will take a lot of time to carefully examine the chosen one; because they are cautious, but also very picky in selecting a future partner. Once Snake people chose somebody, they will try to win this person in a very skillful way. When selecting a partner, Snakes will completely trust their feelings, but without clearly showing them in the beginning. If people born in the sign of Snake get rejected or disappointed in love matters this is a real catastrophe for their secretly very fragile ego. When making love, Snakes will be very tender and gentle and will seduce their partners with a lot of emotion and with steadily increasing passion, which will culminate in utter ecstasy and fusion.

The best partner for the Snake

People born in the Ox Chinese zodiac sign are ideal partners for Snakes, no matter if man or woman. Both signs have the same interests and preferences and therefore this constellation will promise a fulfilling relationship. Both love a quiet life and comfort and their skills and personalities perfectly match together. People born in the sign of Rooster will also be suited partners for Snakes. These two signs show great understanding for each other, and as time passes on they will grow together so that they will develop an unbelievably good relationship.

People born in the sign of Pig are not suited at all for a relationship with somebody born in the Chinese zodiac sign of Snake. Pig people are much too intrusive for Snake people and they will soon feel crushed by the Pig people. If the Snake and the Pig want to start a relationship, this will become hard work for both of them and even then, it remains doubtful if this relationship is able to survive. These two signs are simply too different.