Dragon: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Dragon: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Dragon describes the personality of people born in the years 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000. They are self-confident and reliable and show a great deal of courage in all situations in life. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon put much importance on justice and harmony. They are very charming and face the challenges and tasks of life with a lot of optimism. Thereby, they are always very generous, but they are not corrupt but always sincere. Individuals born in the sign of Dragon are active and determined and, in most cases, they are blessed with wealth, luck and power.

People born in the zodiac sign Dragon are considered to be very reliable people who pursue their tasks with self-confidence and courage and who will always strive for justice and harmony. Dragons are very generous, but at the same time upright and not corrupt; they are extraordinarily charming and show an unshakeable optimism. People born in the sign of Dragon also show a natural authority and have a clear and keen mind. Consequently, people born in the sign of Dragon are very good managers. It is easy for them to lead a company to success and in order to do so they are prepared to work long and hard. Thanks to their persistence and their natural leading power, Dragon people are very often wealthy and powerful.

Dragons and the characteristics

People born in the zodiac sign of Dragon are witty and generous individuals who have many talents. Dragons are very decent fellows who have a lot of power and energy and are therefore able to set quite a few things in motion. Individuals born in the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign can be defined as intelligent, diligent and energetic people. Mostly, they are very lucky in their lives, because almost everything they begin will turn out to be successful. Dragons are very confident and completely unflappable and they will not let anyone discourage them from pursuing their visions. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon have high demands on themselves and expect extraordinary commitment from their fellow people, too. They are very honest and upright and they will make every effort to help others, too. Dragons are very spirited people who are still able to handle themselves and whose self-control very often opens many a door for them; this is true for men and women.

People born in the sign of Dragon also have another side, where their negative characteristics are showing. Especially ruthlessness that Dragons show is one of these unpleasant features of their personality. Furthermore, people born in the zodiac sign Dragon can be very arrogant and bossy, because they do not want to get instructions by others but they want to push through their own views at all costs. Dragon people are not able to submit themselves, because they think that only their view is the right one and only they can do everything better than others. Even if frankness is a virtue in many cases, people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon will use it as an edged weapon with which they can badly hurt their fellow people.

Dragons and their profession and finances

In their professional lives, people born in the zodiac sign Dragon prove to be natural-born leaders. The reason for this is that they do not like to stand in the second row and will therefore strive for positions where they are able to set the direction. When Dragons are superiors, they will indeed be energetic and demanding as far as their expectations in their employees are concerned, but one can assume that they will always be honest and direct. People born in the sign of Dragon have a lot of energy and this will help them to achieve a lot in their professional life. Dragon people are able to present plans and ideas very well and there is usually no challenge they are afraid of or that might make them give up. They prefer to set a good example and not to talk much, but to tackle a problem concretely. Individuals born in the sign of Dragon are very generous fellows who like to show their generosity and who like to make others happy; but they are neither pretentious nor lavish, especially concerning the subject finances. Since Dragon people are very active and full of ideas, they will almost never lack money, because their bank account will be filled up again continuously. However, Dragons will not save up money because they prefer to spend their money for the pleasures of life and for nice things. Sometimes, people born in the sign of Dragon will take up high risks in money matters and will fall on their face, but this will not stop them from bouncing back; they stand up again quickly and continue their lives as if nothing had happened.

Dragons and their love life

The partner of a dragon has to be a very tolerant fellow in order to maintain a happy and long-lasting relationship. It is of considerable importance that Dragons get enough personal freedom because they do not like to be locked away and to be patronized. Whoever is trying to do that will very quickly realize that the Dragon spits fire and finally quits. Therefore, the partners of Dragons will have to treat them cleverly and to keep them on a long leash. Dragon people will certainly use this freedom of movement, but will then find the way back home even happier and more content.

People born in the zodiac sign Dragon are as demanding in love matters as in all other fields of life, which is equally true for men and women. Dragon people are very emotional and passionate, but they lack the calmness and devotion to get romantic and therefore they will come straight to the point as a lover. Furthermore, Dragons need their physical pleasure because otherwise they will not hesitate to look for a replacement somewhere else.

The best partner for the Dragon

People born in the Monkey Chinese zodiac sign are very well suited for a relationship with someone born in the sign of Dragon, no matter if man or woman. Both are very strong characters and share the same attitudes. Monkeys will always admire the Dragons for their power and courage and this will make them a good team. The zodiac sign Rat also fits very well to someone born in the sign of Dragon, because the Dragon and the Rat as well love action and therefore, there will be no boredom in such a relationship.

A relationship with a human being born in the sign of Dog would not turn out very well. Dogs are much too realistic and they will not bring about the necessary understanding for the behavior of a Dragon. Dragons and Dogs have too different basic attitudes and views and they will hardly find common ground to carry a relationship.