Monkey: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Monkey: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Monkey describes the personality of people born in the years 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004. People born in the sign of Monkey are considered to be very intelligent and socially intelligent fellows. Mostly, they are very unconstrained and adaptable and are captivating through their inventiveness and their humor. These characteristics help people born in the sign of Monkey to overcome difficulties. Monkeys love to be among people because in their company, their brisk tongue will apply.

People born in the sign of Monkey are considered being very intelligent, inventive and adaptable. Apart from that, they are very constrained and humorous, which will help them out of even the biggest problems. The eloquent Monkeys love to be among other people, but it can happen that due to their permanently radiating wit, people will not really take them seriously. In spite of this, Monkey people are very confident and are more sensible that one may think on first sight. They are very open towards everything new and will even in difficult situations not give up too easily; they can even manage the most difficult tasks in a skillful way and with bravery.

Monkeys and the characteristics

People born in the zodiac sign Monkey are very inventive and full of new ideas bubbling out of their mind due to their unlimited imagination. Monkey people are very skillful in anything they are doing and are very successful. They will always try to do their best and even setbacks will not stop them. Monkeys are very curious fellows who are always on the search for new things which they want to try out immediately. People born in the Monkey Chinese zodiac sign love intellectual challenges where they can prove their keen mind. Monkeys are very skillful in organizational and planning tasks and even though they are very lively, they are very structured. People born in the sign of Monkey are very good discussion partners because they will always argue in an objective and sensible manner and they will never drop out of their role.

However, people born in the zodiac sign of Monkey does not have only positive characteristics. They can be very envious and proud and other people may regard them to be arrogant. If other people overtake, marginalize or overshadow Monkey people, they can overreact because they cannot stand not to be number one. Then they will feel insulted and ignored and, in their disappointment, they will become somewhat indifferent towards anything and anyone. Abrupt mood swings are not unusual for people born in the sign of Monkey. Therefore, it can happen very often that other people will experience them very enthusiastic and euphoric and from one moment to the other, they will become very depressed and dejected.

The Monkey in relation to profession and finances

People born in the zodiac sign of Monkey are able to adapt very well in their professional life, due to their particular organizational skills. They will tackle problems immediately because they do not give up too soon. Monkeys are convinced that there is no problem that cannot be solved if one adapts the right approach. Individuals born in the sign of Monkey will normally climb up the career ladder very fast, because they are very diligent, ambitious and extraordinarily intelligent. However, it often happens that they will look down on other people and treat them pejoratively if they do not perform as well as they do. Monkey people are willing to learn and are always interested to continue to improve their skills.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Monkey love exclusive things and will often have an expensive hobby. Of course, they need the necessary money to do so and therefore, Monkeys will pay attention that they multiply their assets quickly and easily. Their motto is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Therefore, they do not avoid any risk, even in their capital investments, which pay off in many cases but sometimes it can also go wrong. But this kind of backlash will not make Monkey people lose their minds.

Monkey and their love life

People born in the Monkey Chinese zodiac sign like to take their time in building up a serious and steady love relationship and will not have anyone urge them in this area of life. However, if the perfect soul mate appears, they will take hold of that person and will show the whole world how proud they are to have found such a gorgeous partner. Generally, Monkeys are very faithful partners, but they clearly want to be the boss in their relationship and have command over their partner. Problems will occur when Monkeys get criticized by their partner, or their partner wants to dictate them what to do, because they react very sensitively on criticism from their partner and will then feel hurt very quickly. For people born in the sign of Monkey, love is a beautiful thing, which they enjoy with devotion and passion. They will only become unfaithful if their partner shows human weaknesses and when they feel neglected by their partner. Monkeys fall in love very quickly and often but once they have found the right partner, they will not leave this person.

The best partner for the Monkey

The ideal partner to build up a relationship for people born in the zodiac sign of Monkey are people born in the sign of Rat, no matter if man or woman. Both have similar skills and characteristics and are equal partners in a relationship. Generally, these two signs will develop a relationship based on a certain level and in which the Monkey and the Rat could develop into a real dream couple. A relationship between Monkey and Dragon can turn out well, too. Their fellow people might see them as an unusual couple but the deep spiritual understanding between these two signs is the best base for a true and long-lasting relationship.

However, there will be not much harmony within a relationship of the zodiac signs Monkey and Tiger. They may have a few things in common, but they both have a very strong will, too, which will inevitably lead to differences. Both like to be the boss in their relationship and to determine the direction; one can accept this with humor for a while but these continuous tests of strength will not lead to a long-lasting and harmonious relationship.