Dog: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Dog: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Dog describes the personality of people born in the years 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006. Individuals born in the sign of dog are unfailingly faithful, honest and reliable in all situations of life. Dog people have a huge heart, but they are also very courageous and are popular with everyone due to their positive characteristics. Accordingly, they have many acquaintances but there are only few people that Dog people are really able to identify with. People born in the Chinese sign of Dog will do anything for these friends and everyone who has a Dog as a friend can account themselves very lucky.

People born in the zodiac sign Dog are very faithful, reliable and honest people. They have a huge heart and a lot of courage and are sensitive and very honest friends and partners. Generally, Dog people have many acquaintances but they have a deep and sincere friendship only with few people. They literally do everything for their friends if they need their help and do not expect to get anything in return. People born in the sign of Dog will act very boldly and unselfishly. They are hospitable and have a calm, balancing character and a pronounced sense of justice, which helps them settling disputes very well. Traditional values such as willingness to help and honor mean a lot to them.

Dog people and the characteristics

People born in the sign of Dog have a good instinct and an excellent insight into human nature. Dog people are always objective and without great emotions. They clearly and openly express their opinion without beating around the bush even if their honesty will not please other people. People born in the Dog Chinese zodiac sign are fair and reliable and this is true for all aspects of their life. Therefore, they need to feel stable and secure, but they do not put much importance on material security. For Dog people, rationality, sincerity and the benefit of their fellow people rank first for them. They will do everything for their friends because their loyalty and unselfishness will leave them no other choice. Dogs will nearly always observe rules and regulations because they highly value law and order.

However, individuals born in the Chinese zodiac sign Dog will in few cases also be cynical and pessimistic and behave very reserved and stubborn towards other people. Dog people tend to see danger everywhere and to irritate their fellow people with their criticism and sarcasm. People born in this sign will also show a certain restlessness and if they engage in something, this could easily turn into fanaticism. It is also important not to dispute their territory because then they could react very aggressively.

Dogs and their profession and their finances

As in the private field, people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Dog are also on the job very reliable, diligent, dutiful and friendly. With their pronounced sense for justice, they will support their colleagues unconditionally and will help them in all situations. Individuals born in the sign of Dog can very well adapt to their professional environment, but people should never underestimate them because they can handle their tasks very independently. Sometimes it takes them a longer time to decide on certain things because they like to be on the safe side and they want to guarantee that once they decided, it will be definitive. Dog people estimate professional security very highly and would love to work on the same job until they retire.

Consequently, it is no surprise that people born in the Dog Chinese zodiac sign put much importance on secure investment vehicles and shy away from the risk of highly speculative deals. Dog people will try to invest their money in real estate or realties or in objects of value that will at least keep their original value. Whoever is born in the sign of Dog has a lot of “joie de vivre” but does not put much importance on luxury. In order to be happy, such people do not need an expensive watch or high-carat jewelry because the inner values of a human being are much more precious to them and therefore they will not miss anything even if they lead a humble life.

Dogs and their love life

In a relationship, Dog people should not only listen to their mind but should instead prefer to listen to their heart. When Dogs have found a person they love, they will be the most faithful partners one can imagine. They are very faithful towards their partner and they will take care of their loved ones with great reliability and devotion. Dog people put very much importance on trust within their relationship and on not cheating on one another. Unfaithfulness is the worst thing that can happen to these people, which they could never forgive. As far as love is concerned, Dog people are very old-fashioned and conservative. They believe on the one and eternal love and is a real romantic. Dogs will rather seldom show wild passion, because tender devotion and a lot of emotion is much more important to them than a fast-paced fire.

The best partner for the Dog

People born in the sign of Tiger will be the most suited partners for someone born in the sign of Dog. Their personalities may differ but they share values like faithfulness and sincerity. Therefore, they match perfectly together and are able to fulfil the needs of their partner. So, the odds are very good for a happy and long-lasting relationship between a Dog and a Tiger. Another promising constellation would be a relationship between the signs Dog and Horse. Here, trust and respect are the main features for maintaining a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

However, a relationship between people born in the Dog Chinese zodiac signs and Dragon Chinese zodiac signs would not turn out to be very harmonious. Their personalities contradict too much with each other and accordingly, their attitudes differ too much. The sooner or later, disputes will arise very often between Dog and Dragon and this is not a good basis for a long-lasting relationship.