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If you are interested in astrology and the horoscope in the first place, you should take a look at the Chinese horoscope from time to time. This free Daily Chinese Horoscope differs substantially from the occidental horoscope known to us. The Daily Chinese Horoscope is based on the lunar calendar and there are no twelve-star signs or sun signs, but rather twelve signs of the zodiac. But that does not have to be a reason to pay less attention to this horoscope. Chinese astrology is based on the teachings of Taoism and dates back to about the 4th century BC.

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The Chinese horoscope according to the Taoist teachings

The Chinese horoscope is a form of astrology specially developed in China. It is based on the principles of the Taoist teachings and is divided into different schools. Taoism itself is a philosophical-religious teaching dating from the 4th century BC. It is considered one of the most important schools of thought among the Chinese schools of philosophy alongside Confucianism. The most important teachings from these teachings can be found in the so-called Tao-te king, which means freely translated book of the Tao and his power. Chinese astrology, like Western astrology, is based on the so-called microcosmic macrocosmic teaching.

However, in contrast to astrology, which we are familiar with, there is a very big difference. In the Chinese horoscope, for example the daily Chinese horoscope or rather Chinese Horoscope today, the basis for the calculation is the lunar calendar. Also, the prognosis, as one plays it from the western horoscopes a substantial role, comes here rather a small meaning. Rather, the Chinese horoscope, which is available here free of charge, expresses a certain philosophy of life. This free horoscope is also based on twelve signs of the zodiac, which differ fundamentally from the star signs known to us. In the Chinese horoscope one finds rather rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These signs of the zodiac in this horoscope stand for one year, one month and one of the twelve double hours of the day. They are also called earthly branches because according to the theses of the Chinese horoscope they have an effect on earthly events.

How did the Chinese zodiac signs develop?

A 2000-year-old legend says that the origin of the Chinese zodiac signs can be traced back to Buddha. On the occasion of a New Year celebration he invited all animals of the whole universe to a ceremony and wanted to celebrate with them the beginning of the new year. But at the end only twelve animals followed his invitation and he wanted to reward them accordingly for coming. Therefore, he gave each animal the reign for one year and in this year this animal could determine all events or destinies.

The rat was very small and couldn't keep up with the other animals after a while, but it was very smart. It simply jumped on the back of the fast and strong ox and let it carry it. Shortly before the target it jumped down and was the first animal to arrive at Buddha. For this reason, it is also the first sign of the zodiac, because Buddha determined at that time the order after the arrival of the respective animals. The legend also says that the cunning rat told the cat that this meeting would take place one day later. The cat believed this and came therefore too late to this celebration and received no zodiac sign. In revenge for this, the cats hunt all the rats they run into until today.