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Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Monkey Today

Monkey Horoscope today

Monkey don't share the common notion that opposites attract. You'd rather have someone by your side who gets you and who has similar interests, and when Cupid shoots his arrow today you don't duck but stand tall and take your chance.

today Monkey should listen consciously to their inner voice. Don't be afraid to address your problems openly and to get the help you need. You will soon feel better and optimistic again.

Even for you it is human to make mistakes, so don't lose your cool if something goes wrong and start look for alternative solutions.

Anyone who recognises the opportunities that present themselves and uses them to their advantage can feel blessed. Especially people who are single should take advantage of this. The stars are very good and that promises a great evening.

Right now, you don't have too much to laugh about. But perhaps your demands are simply too exaggerated? Rethink your expectations in peace, before throwing yourself into gambling full of hope. It is not always the only saviour in need and your money worries are not solved by it. Maybe you'll get even worse.

Right now you feel very good and like to be with your friends. But please don't forget your family, because they would like to spend more time with you again.

There is a lot to do. The friendlier you approach other people now, the easier doors open. People like to support you, especially within the family, which knows exactly how valuable you are.

Zodiac sign Monkey: Positive and negative Traits

The Chinese Monkey horoscope describes people with that zodiac sign as very playful but also very clever and skilled individuals whose alert mind enables them to solve problems with ease. Monkey sign people regularly resort to forecasts like the daily Monkey horoscope for today in order to prevent problem from arising in the first place. Hence, reading the Chinese Monkey horoscope for today is perfectly normal for them as well because they see the information given there as a great add to their cleverness and their skillfulness. With the help of these resources, people who are born in the year of the Monkey manage to get every crisis under control before it even manifests itself so that they never lose their joy of life.

Strengths of the Monkey

Monkey sign people are very self-confident and always ready to learn from their mistakes. They are smart, adaptable and extremely creative and, thanks to their spontaneity and their wit, able to solve problems with seeming effortlessness. People who belong to the Chinese Monkey sign have a healthy sense of self and a very clear mind. They are curious and inquisitive and are not afraid to confront even the most difficult situations. It's more: When the going gets tough, they remain calm and clever and so they solve any crisis with their positive attitude and their lively spirit. People who are born in the year of the Monkey are cheerful and friendly individuals and they usually burst with energy. They are very smart and creative and possess the rare gift of creating extraordinary pieces of art out of nothing. And although their art might be worth a lot of money, they very often give them away for free because they enjoy the act of giving so much.

Weaknesses of the Monkey

With their playful nature and their unbridled witty eloquence, Monkey sign people repeatedly rock the boat in their personal environment as they hardly ever manage to refrain from spontaneous puns or jokes, even if they are at the expense of other people. And because they never stop joking around, they very often can't be taken seriously by many. People who belong to the Monkey sign need a strong and indulgent partner who admires them for their achievements and who helps them to further improve. However, attention must be paid here because too much admiration can make them arrogant and even more disrespectful. In spite of their cheerful and sociable nature, Monkey sign people tend to hide their true thoughts and opinions behind their friendly smile in order to deceive others, but when it comes to feelings, their facial expressions are as revealing as an open book. Surprisingly, they don't try to cover up their Achilles heel because they seem to like it when everyone can see how they feel.