Goat: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Goat describes the personality of people born in the years 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003. Individuals born in the Chinese zodiac sign Goat are considered to be very amiable, benevolent and a little shy. They love to live in peace and harmony with everyone and avoid any dispute. People born in the sign of Goat will listen to the worries of their fellow people willingly and patiently and they show great empathy as well as a real talent to console people.

People born in the Goat Chinese zodiac sign are very friendly and benevolent fellows who always look very shy. It is very important for Goat people to live in peace and harmony with their fellow people. Goats will always lend an ear to the problems of other people and they show great empathy. They are also very helpful and charming, intelligent and nature-loving. Through these human qualities, Goats are usually popular with everyone and have many friends. Apart from their good manners, the reason for this may be that people born in the sign of Goat are blessed with an almost irresistible charm. Still, Goats are relatively insecure deep inside and therefore they will easily get hurt. For this reason, they will try to avoid any conflict and any dispute.

Goats and the characteristics

People born in the zodiac sign of Goat are very caring, understanding and empathetic. Their family means a lot to them and therefore, they will always care very well for their loved ones. Whoever has a burdening secret can confide in a person born in the Chinese zodiac sign Goat because this discreet human being would never pass such an information on to others. Generally, Goats will help anyone who needs their help. Goats are artistically talented and love beautiful things. People born in the sign of Goat are highly estimated by their fellow people because of their eloquence and their spirited way. Goat people are very intelligent, gentle and flexible. They feel very comfortable in the company of other people, but they would never push themselves to the fore. Goats are very neat in their private as well as their professional field and they will do everything systematically and in a structured way.

However, people born in the zodiac sign Goat can be very fussy and tend to overwhelm others with this behavior. In relation to the subject independence, people born in the Goat Chinese zodiac sign show some deficits. They do not like to be alone and will always look for opportunities to be pampered and not to become engaged themselves. Therefore, they will go out meeting people just for strategic reasons even if they do not feel like doing so. In critical situations, Goat people will not blame themselves but will blame others. Often people born in the sign of Goat seem to be careless, excessive, frightened and unbalanced and they see things often very pessimistically.

The Goat in relation to profession and finances

People born in the sign of Goat are very diplomatic and they will keep all options open in their professional lives. Goat people will find their fulfilment in jobs where they can work creatively and they will then be able to develop well on this basis. Generally, they will focus their goals in a well-considered way and will pursue them very consequently and with the necessary seriousness and great diligence. If people born in the zodiac sign Goat have to work under time pressure, they will not feel very well, because they need a certain leeway in their job, too in order to really work efficiently. Then one can expect highest performance and little miracles of them.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Goat are able to manage their finances successfully because they have a good money sense. Goat people are not stingy, but they are thrifty and levelheaded. In spite of this, they have a certain weakness for high-quality products, and sometimes for luxury, too, and they like to spend their money for these things but only if their finances allow for doing so. Goats are also very skilled and lucky in multiplying their money repeatedly in order to keep their high standard of living and to be able to save some money, too.

Goats and their love life

Goat people prefer a romantic relationship, put they also have high expectations in their partners concerning status and material security. They like it best when their partners have something to show either socially or in their job. Goats need a lot of affection and security in their relationship whereby their behavior as a partner is very much dependent on their moods. When they are in love, they will look for absolute closeness to their partners and then they can become very jealous and possessive from one moment to another without warning and without any reason. Goats are looking for real and honest love in their relationship and therefore, they are not keen on adventures. They do not like quick love plays because they need a lot of time to be able to let themselves go, and they need a romantic atmosphere with a lot of tenderness and emotions as well. If this is provided for they can be very passionate and devoted. However, Goats are demanding more of their partners, even in this area of life than they will be prepared to give to their partners.

The best partner for the Goat

A relationship between people born in the zodiac sign of Goat and Pig could turn out very well, because these two will try to please one another and to meet the needs of their partner. Both signs are sociable, they like to be among friends and will help when a hand is needed. The very lively, carefree Pig people understand the mood swings of Goat people and Goats will support their imaginative Pig partners wherever they can. A relationship between the zodiac signs Goat and Rabbit can also last eternally because these two characters love a calm and peaceful life. Goats and Rabbits are able to give each other a lot of tenderness without constricting each other too much.
However, in a combination of Goat and Ox, disharmony and discord is to be expected. These two zodiac signs are very contradictory and live in different worlds as far as their character and their respective temperament is concerned. Goats and Oxes lack basic common ground and they do not have an understanding for each other and therefore, a long-lasting and happy relationship between these two signs is very unlikely.