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Ascendant Calculator : Calculate your Ascendant

Beside the zodiac sign, the ascendant, which is also called the rising sign, is probably the most influential component of the horoscope. In fact, there are many astrologers who believe that the ascendant is even more influential than the star sign when it comes to the character traits, the strengths and the weaknesses of an individual and that there is no way of defining a person's true nature without considering their ascendant as well. These are several good reasons why you should calculate your ascendant, which fortunately is a pretty easy procedure thanks to the free ascendant calculator. The ascendant can be determined based on a person's place and the exact time of birth. The time needs to be given as accurately as possible because even the slightest deviation can change and falsify the result.

Ascendant Calculator

Enter your birthday and birth month here. After a short calculation, you see a table divided into hours, showing the Ascendant and the Zodiac for each day. Convenient links allow you to immediately jump to the respective detailed article.


The significance of the ascendant

The month in which an individual is born determines their star sign for their entire life. This sign, which is also called the sun sign, reveals certain aspects of the personality as well as of the virtues and flaws of a person. Most people recognize themselves in the attributes that are attached to their zodiac signs, be it active and impulsive or calm and introverted, and so it's both surprising and fascinating how accurately the characters of so many individuals match with the general description of their zodiac signs. However, there is quite a number of astrologers who think that the ascendant is at least as important as the sun sign – if not more important – for the definition of someone's personality. As it requires two specific birth data, the place and the time of birth, to calculate your ascendant, it might not be as easy as the definition of the zodiac sign, but thanks to the digital ascendant calculator, which is offered for free on this page, this has become an easy task. Considering the importance of the ascendant, it's definitely worth finding it out.

How to use the ascendant calculator

In order to determine the Western star sign, it only takes the day and the month of a person's birth. Calculating the ascendant is a little more challenging, but fortunately this can be accomplished very quickly and accurately on this page by using the free ascendant calculator. All you need to do is enter two specific data, which are the place and the time of birth. These are decisive in this equation and therefore need to be a hundred percent correct. The ascendant itself is defined as the sign that rises over the Eastern horizon at the time of birth of a person. It can also be described as the intersection between the ecliptic and the horizon.

Ascendant and identity

The ascendant is of paramount importance for the analysis of a person's character, as this sign is mostly responsible for the influences on the identity of an individual during their lifetime. Together with the MC, the midheaven, the ascendant is one of the most volatile factors in a horoscope, which is due to the fact that the position of the ascendant changes one degree every four minutes. For that reason it is essential for the calculation of the ascendant to know the exact time of birth, including the very minute, as even the smallest deviation can give a completely different and inaccurate result. Knowing one's ascendant for sure makes it possible to gain an insight on the merging of body and mind that took place at a certain time – which refers to the time of birth – at a certain place – which refers to the place of birth of a person.