Scorpio Ascendant / Scorpio Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Scorpio Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A person with the ascendant Scorpio is courageous as well as brave and faces every challenge. A Scorpio Ascendant Appearance is that these people are full of energy and strength and seems very dynamic and determined to his fellow men. But the ascendant Scorpio has also Scorpio Ascendant Appearance such as sensitivity and empathy, which one would not expect from him in this form. In a way, a Scorpio is a mysterious person who doesn't like to be looked at. It is therefore very difficult for his fellow men to know how he thinks and feels and what he really thinks about with an ascendant Scorpio.

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Full of energy and passion

A man with the ascendant Scorpio is considered courageous and brave. Scorpio Ascendant Man and Scorpio Ascendant Woman faces all dangers and know no fear. They make a dynamic impression on their fellow men, they are full of energy and passion and are very practical. Instead of spending a long time thinking and thinking, the ascendant Scorpio prefers to act. They know about their power and strength and make no secret of the fact that they do not like people with weaknesses and unfortunately very often expose them. But the Scorpio is not only an unscrupulous being, but also possesses much sensitivity, which can put itself in his fellow men inside. In many cases a person with the ascendant Scorpio can be an excellent listener and give comfort. You can't fool these people and they feel very clearly who is telling the truth and who is lying. Scorpio the ascendant has no understanding whatsoever for dishonesty, for they are very sincere and honest contemporaries. The ascendant Scorpio, however, is always something mysterious for his fellow men and has something unfathomable about him. These people don't like to be looked at in the maps and so you never really know where you are with the ascendant Scorpio.

Full of passion and jealousy

A Scorpio Ascendant Man or Scorpio Ascendant Woman is very passionate about love things and this concerns the whole range in a relationship. They can develop very strong feelings and also show them more than is the case with people with other ascendants. In a partnership with a person who has the ascendant Scorpio it is therefore important that the partner is able to deal with these strong feelings and understands them. As strong as the ascendant Scorpio may seem to his fellow human beings, he is vulnerable within. Just one misunderstanding can sometimes be enough to deeply injure the Scorpio. A Scorpio may be passionate, but he is very loyal in his partnership and this applies to both men and women. But it is precisely this attitude to loyalty in a partnership and relationship that Scorpio the ascendant also expects from his partner. They have to feel that they can rely completely on their partner. If this is not the case, the ascendant Scorpio can become very possessive and his jealousy then takes on unexpected dimensions.