Scorpio Sun Libra Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

Especially love matters are strongly kept in private by the Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant which is why it takes a lot of time and patience to win the heart of a Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant. It is, in general, always worth the while for Scorpio people with Libra ascendant really long for a stable and fulfilling relationship where they are allowed to fully consecrate, thus living very happily. Scorpios with Libra rising display an almost mystical aura which makes these people even more interesting and attractive for others. Nevertheless, both men and women of the constellation of the Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant are not easy persons to deal with, and can become very demanding to their partners or friends. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Mysterious and good-looking

As Scorpios and Libras have really divergent character traits, the connection between the Scorpio sun and the Libra rising is not the most ideal. Scorpios are known to be introverts, deeply indulged in their thoughts, whereas the Libra rising are most extrovert and lively in their personality, simply beings who cherish life. As a result, Scorpios with Libra ascendant will always react on disturbing influences from the outside world. As in all other astrological combinations, people born in this constellation of the Scorpio sun with Libra man or woman also receive their looks from their rising's characteristics. This means for this constellation that these people are rather attractive fellows whose good looks are enhanced by the mysterious aura of the Scorpio sun. There is, therefore, no exaggeration in calling the Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant a fascinating personality. Their characters though are rather complicated as the Scorpio sun is rather introverted and inclined to withdraw whereas the Libra cherishes social contacts. This results in an extreme life of a Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant, constantly swinging between excess and periods of continence and withdrawal. People who are born in this constellation seek careers as diplomats who express themselves well but are also very intelligent persons who have an amazing insight into human nature. These people are out to have long-lasting relationships which may last a lifetime. In the beginning, the Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant will be reserved and even suspicious and only warm up after they analyzed and have approved the others.

Relationships that last a lifetime

In love, the Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant stays reserved as although bodily love is very important for this sign, they deep inside long for the true love that lasts a lifetime. Patience is thus the keyword for those who are interested in wining the heart of a Scorpio sun with Libra ascendant as it may take a while to crack their shells. Unlike other people, Scorpio man or woman with Libra ascendant take their time until they will open up to their environment which is why patience and a certain skillfulness is needed to get close to them. Once their shells are cracked, however, a surprisingly soft character will be discovered inside, who longs for love and romanticism. Scorpios with Libra ascendant are loyal and solid partners. By no means is this sign a daredevil who seeks adventures. They are out to give their heart away for a lifetime and once they live in a solid relationship where both partners are deeply involved, this sign displays openly an amazing passion and an enormous capacity for love.