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Like the Chinese and the Celtic astrology, also the Native American or Indian astrology is a very peculiar divination system with unmistakable features. The most important difference to all the other astrological approaches consists in the fact that the Native American horoscope is based on a Medical Wheel. As opposed to the Western horoscope, the Native American horoscope does not refer to the stars or to planetary constellations but to nature as their only source of wisdom. American Indians have always lived in total harmony with the forces of nature, which was their way to survive and which is also why the Native American horoscope only uses animal symbols as their zodiac signs.

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Native American knowledge

The shamans, the medicine men of the Indians, call the Native American astrology “earth medicine”. The Native American astrology is also known as Indian Astrology. By that they don't just refer to medicine as a scientific notion but to a broader sense of it, which includes the spiritual practices of self-healing, dreams and meditation. The American Indians realized very early in their history that there is a connection between the natural forces of the seasons, the four phases of the moon and the personality of newborn babies and they took that knowledge as the basis for Native American astrology and the Indian Astrology Horoscope. With the help of their inherent and legendary farsightedness, the American Indian tribes discovered how to use the energy flow of nature to raise their level of self-awareness in order to further develop their character and to become a mature human being. The Native Americans lived in accordance with the philosophy that you can only survive and progress if you are constantly willing to adapt, to learn and to expand your skills and your knowledge. Only then can a man know how the world works and what the secret of life is.

In harmony with nature

The American Indians always knew that their only chance to ensure their survival was by using their closeness to nature as their trump card. They inevitable had to live with everything nature threw at them, which is also why Native American astrology has no zodiac signs derived from stellar or planetary constellations. Instead it uses the names of twelve animals that traditionally had a connection with their everyday reality: Goose, Otter, Wolf, Falcon, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker, Salmon, Bear, Raven, Serpent and Owl. According to their value system, American Indians only killed animals when their tribe was in need for food. Even in situations of self-defense they very rarely would kill an animal because they generally held the integrity of creation in very high esteem. Not only can this be seen in the twelve animal signs of the Native American horoscope but also in the naming tradition of Indian tribes. Newborn babies very often received names that were associated with a certain animal. Hence, names like White Buffalo, Black Bear or Eagle Eye were quite common among American Indians and they expressed their closeness and their respect for nature in their own way. All things considered, it is perfectly understandable and logical that Native American astrology is based on natural phenomena and not on philosophy or science.

Native American zodiac signs

The entirety of nature's creation with its plant and animal life has always been sacred to the American Indian tribes. Especially animals were seen as Spirit Messengers who conveyed them qualities like courage, strength or wisdom through dreams, inspirations and revelations. On the basis of that knowledge the Native Americans developed the Medicine Wheel, which is also called the Wheel of Life, as an expression of all-natural life cycles and of harmony and connection with the cosmos. The Medicine Wheel is based on the four seasons as we know them. Each season is metaphoric for a stage of the life cycle every human being goes through. Accordingly, in Native American astrology spring stands for childhood and new life, summer means growth and the power of youth, autumn represents the adult years and the fulfillment of maturity and winter symbolizes accumulated knowledge and wisdom and the evening of a person's life. The wheel in the Indian Astrology Horoscope also regards human nature by dividing it into twelve personality types. Each type corresponds to the qualities of one of the four seasons and is represented by a specific power animal, the birth totem, which expresses the qualities and the character traits of that person. The American Indians believed that a man could get in touch with his birth totem by walking his way around the wheel and that he would share the properties of that animal from that moment on. In the understanding of the Native Americans, only those who know their birth totem know how to help themselves and others in times of despair.